Business Intelligence: Customers

Business Intelligence or BI is a module in Unleashed that shows data on your business’ performance. This data is based on your transaction records in Unleashed, namely, Purchases, Inventory, Production, Sales, and Customers. They are aggregated to form key performance indicators or KPIs to show how well the business is doing or areas to improve on.

Together with our free BI offering, we also developed a pay-to-use feature called BI Vision which includes more KPIs and also provides users with the ability to select measures, drill through to specific results, and cross-filtering per dimension to really mine your data. With Vision, we also provide you with the option to select your own date range which complements the easy date filter buttons (Month to date; Quarter to date; Year to date; Last month, Last quarter, and Last Month).

Remember, what you can measure you can manage.

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