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Inventory management that is trusted by thousands of manufacturers and distributors in over 80 global locations.

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Unleashed makes inventory management easier and more efficient.
Take control of inventory health and scale your business with confidence.

  • Visibility

    Real-time inventory control and reporting.

    Enjoy real-time stock visibility and maximise control. Understand your product margins and make better decisions based on real-time, accurate profit reporting.

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  • Sales Mobile App

    Never miss a sale again.

    The Unleashed Sales App gives you mobile inventory information on your iPhone. Making that important sale just got easier, like we believe it should be.

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  • Perfect for manufacturers

    Perfect for manufacturers.

    Unleashed will allow you to calculate an accurate finished goods cost through costed product assembly and disassembly, costed purchase orders and bill of materials.

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  • Flexible

    Product lifecycle traceability with serial and batch.

    Use batch tracking to keep stock of perishables or to track an ingredient right through to sale. Serial tracking will give you visibility on a per-serial basis.

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  • Sell anywhere

    The right stock in the right place, every time.

    Keep track of stock across multiple warehouses, in multiple locations, anywhere in the world. Easily manage consignments or quarantined inventory.

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Mobile Sales App

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It’s the power of Unleashed in your pocket – the inventory information you need to ensure you can make a sale. Featuring a fast, intuitive interface, you can effortlessly make sales from your iPhone without needing to access a computer or tablet. Unleashed’s Mobile Sales App – perfect for businesses on the go.

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Inventory management that’s perfect for manufacturers and distributors, everywhere.

Unleashed is an industry award-winning solution for good reason: we accelerate business profitability. We work with leading global brands across all industries, including wholesale, manufacturing, retail and consumer products.


“When we got Unleashed in place, it just made it a lot easier for us.”

James Metcalfe, Volt Electric Bikes

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Instant data integration with our platform partners.

As a cloud-based platform, Unleashed software creates an enterprise-level business management solution to streamline your business. Synchronizing your data to the best-of-breed applications you need to run your business.

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Unleashed Inventory Management Software Benefits

  • Valuable

    Make product stock-outs a thing of the past

    Create customer delight with Unleashed’s inventory control solution. By knowing at which warehouse a stocked item is being held, you can estimate how long it will take to get this item in store or to the customer.

    Improve customer retention by analyzing past inventory trends to predict the optimal future levels of stock to be held at different times of the year, adjusting for seasonal differences in demand.

    If your business faces significant competition, customer trust is more important than ever. Investing in Unleashed as your inventory system ensures that your inventory counts are always accurate.

  • Effective

    Powerful inventory control at your fingertips

    Lost revenue as a result of lost sales can have a significant negative impact on your bottom line. Our cloud inventory program is specifically designed to ensure that a scarcity of in-demand product does not arise due to inefficient inventory control within your organization.

    Our inventory system will also facilitate easy shipping, including pick and pack features, to give you more control of your inventory warehouse operations.

    Unleashed’s useful stock system features will help you segregate stock, manage consignments and even quarantined inventory.

  • Real-time

    Make the move to real-time perpetual stock management

    Many businesses undertake periodic stock counts to understand sales trends and inform reordering decisions. A key problem with this method is the inaccuracy that occurs as actual inventory levels diverge from what is on the books.

    Unleashed’s online inventory software tackles this issue by processing transactions in real-time, giving your business the benefit of an always up-to-date stock count.

    In fact, our stock management software will give you instant insight into all your stock movements; this is because we use a perpetual inventory system that updates third-party systems on the fly via the API.

  • Integrated

    Experience the business app ecosystem of the future

    Unleashed is tightly integrated with rapidly expanding SaaS business ecosystems, providing advanced and powerful reporting for Magento inventory, Quickbooks inventory, Xero inventory, Vend inventory, Salesforce inventory management and Shopify inventory management.

    Manage your stock from purchase through to manufacturing and sales, and combine the power of Unleashed with business app marketplaces and your existing POS, eCommerce and accounting software.

    Get ready to streamline your business, letting Unleashed handle inventory data synchronisation with the other online business applications you use on the daily basis.

  • Accurate

    Get your inventory valuation correct and free up cash

    Having an accurate stock count means your business can keep its stock levels lean. Rather than relying on stock count templates, use Unleashed’s perpetual real-time system and free up cash to invest elsewhere in your business! Carrying the right level of stock may also let your business cut down on warehouse space.

    Whether it’s for warranties or shipments, serialised inventory allows you to find an exact unit of inventory, every time. Serial number inventory tracking means precise control of stock, from purchasing right through to sales and shipments.

    In addition, inventory serial number tracking can also take advantage of barcode scanning technologies to optimize the use of serial numbers.

  • Transparent

    Give your employees the best inventory tools to succeed

    We believe that a warehouse management system should be more than just stock control software. With Unleashed your inventory is online, so you can see how your business is running in real-time.

    High visibility, automation and API data access should all be part of good inventory tracking software.

    Accurate online inventory results in business transparency, which means your business is more responsive and becomes more reliable. And you will never miss a sale again!

  • Analytical

    Make better business decisions with powerful dashboards

    Unleashed’s inventory software accurately records and allocates costs at each stage of the production process, improving your forecasting ability and allowing you to make better business decisions.

    Pinpoint choke points in your wholesale, distribution and retail channels due to surplus inventory and optimize cash flow to ensure losses as a result of lost sales are avoided altogether.

    The Unleashed inventory solution dashboard allows you to analyze stock across multiple warehouses, in multiple locations, anywhere in the world.

  • Profitable

    Never miss a sale again

    Our cloud inventory software will track your sales and ordering processes, allowing a sale to be split into multiple shipments to help with out-of-stock management.

    Another great advantage of using a serialized stock system like Unleashed is with after-sales processes and actions: if a part is found to be faulty or there is a product return, the necessary stock data is easily available, accurate and complete, saving your business precious time.

    Whether you need brewery inventory software or a stock management system for manufacturing, good inventory planning based on real-time data will literally help your employees close more business by reducing out-of-stock inventory, increasing your profits.