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Upcoming webinar:
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Based on a comparison of 70+ brands on Capterra, the average cost of an inventory management system is USD$175 per user license, per month. Unleashed is significantly more affordable, with monthly user licenses priced at USD$81 per month on its most common plan.

Other costs for inventory management systems include customer support fees, which are often billed separately. Expect to pay around USD$80 per month for a support package.

To run cloud-based inventory management software like Unleashed you need a laptop, tablet or phone – and access to the internet. You’ll also need an authenticator app for secure 2FA sign-on. To get the best from your system you’ll likely also need barcode scanners and a label printer.
Unleashed offers a two week free period to test the software and get a feel for how it works. It’s very simple to sign up, and no credit card is required. In the trial you can either use the demo data we provide or upload your own data that will roll over to your account once you sign up with Unleashed.
At Unleashed we aim to get new customers live with the system as soon as possible – generally around one month into their time with us. We then use the remaining two months of onboarding as a Q&A period to make sure that everyone has a chance to ask questions and get the most out of the product.

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