Stock on Hand vs Available Quantity

Upgrading to Unleashed gives you complete transparency over your inventory levels. But to really make the most out of the software, you need to understand the difference between your stock on hand and your available quantity. Let’s take a look at both.

What is stock on hand?

Stock on hand is the total amount of any given item that you currently have in your warehouse, regardless of whether it is available for use or sale. It includes unallocated as well as allocated stock.

You can allocate stock for:

  • Assembly or disassembly
  • Sale
  • Adjustment
  • Warehouse transfer

What is available quantity?

Available quantity is the total amount of any given item that you currently have available for use or sale. It’s your total stock on hand, minus any products that have been allocated. In other words, it’s your current unallocated stock.

To find both your stock on hand and your available quantity in Unleashed, open up the Stock on Hand Report in the Reports section. You can see stock on hand for each item listed under the Qty on Hand column, and your available quantity listed under the Available Qty column.

In between these two columns, you’ll find your Allocated Qty: or how much stock you have that is currently allocated for use. Click on this figure for a detailed report of what the inventory has been allocated for.

Deallocating products
You can deallocate products from sales orders by clicking on the order then on the Deallocate button at the top-right side of the screen. Please keep in mind that deallocating stock will increase your total available quantity. It isn’t possible to deallocate stock from assemblies, adjustments or warehouse transfers.

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