Easy Purchasing Management

Order and purchase products by creating purchase orders, record stock coming in and manage supplier information such as price books.

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Generate Purchase Orders

Create purchase orders based on minimum reorder levels to ensure you do not exceed safety stock levels.

Unleashed is well suited for just-in-time (JIT) demand-driven stock reordering where purchases are created ad hoc and can be triggered from a sales order to ensure order fulfilment.


Add Purchase Costs

Include freight costs, customs and any other costs incurred from getting stock from your supplier to your business.

Additionally, you can enter costs in different currencies if multi-currency is enabled and the supplier has been configured with the correct foreign currency.


It’s saved us lots of time and made our inventory management really easy.

Sarah Curtis, Apparel by Design
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Manage Supplier Returns

Unleashed allows you to manage a number of different types of stock returns.

Whether you need to deal with just the product item that needs to be returned, or multiple items associated with a credit from a supplier, Unleashed allows you to handle returns with ease.


Receipt Part Purchases

Receipting in part purchases allows you to track the delivery and receipt of part shipments from your suppliers.

In doing so Unleashed will ensure that any purchases that are being receipted in include all applicable costs relevant to the part shipment.

Supplier Management

Unleashed will keep track of supplier contact details such as addresses and phone numbers, along with suppliers’ delivery history.

When a supplier changes their product prices, you can easily update the product details in Unleashed as you purchase – or in bulk.


Purchase FAQ

Contact us today if you have more questions about how Purchase can work for your business.

  • Can I include any additional costs in my purchase orders?

    You can add any costs to any purchase orders and Unleashed will spread these costs across the cost of your products. This can be done automatically or you can manually override each one of the costs. For example, freight and customs, handling fees or an invoice from a freight company. In summary, you can add any cost that is not already part of the purchase price of a product.

  • How is a Purchase Order (PO) created?

    Purchase orders can be created from the supplier’s screen or quick links. You can also create a purchase order via a report showing you the products and amounts you need in the business, or via a sales order for fulfilment. When a product is selected, Unleashed can use the supplier’s product code and description.

  • How can additional costs be added after completing a purchase order?

    To ensure that your products cost is accurate, this is best achieved by making the necessary adjustment using your accounting provider’s system (e.g. Xero or Quickbooks). In doing so, you must also do a manual value-only adjustment against the product(s) to ensure your product cost is accurate.

  • Can completed transactions be amended?

    No, and that is because Unleashed acts to safeguard and preserve the integrity of the data that has already been passed on to our integration partners. This ensures maximum auditability. Opposite transactions can be conducted to amend any transaction.

  • Does Unleashed support supplier quantity price breaks?

    Quantity price breaks are not currently available but this functionality is on our road map.


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