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‘On account’ orders through Shopify with no transaction fees

No transaction fees on Shopify B2B orders placed through the app

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How it works

‘On account’ orders are sent to your Unleashed account, and appear as normal within Shopify, but without incurring Shopify transaction fees.

Thousands of companies take orders ‘on account’, or without an upfront payment. It gives them the flexibility to process repeat customers rapidly, and to build relationships with larger clients they can then build a business on. With Shopify, it can be difficult to handle B2B ordering seamlessly. That can mean lost contacts, lost contracts, and of course, lost money.

Not with us. We’ve built an app that allows your B2B customers to place orders – large and small – straight through your Shopify store without requiring up front payment. It gets better. Those orders are sent straight to your Unleashed account for processing and shipment, and you won’t be charged a penny in Shopify transaction fees. Everyone’s a winner.

Offer B2B ordering through Shopify

Ideal for when you want a specific group of customers to be able to place orders without taking payment up front.

Sync orders with Unleashed

Shopify orders are sent automatically through to your Unleashed account for processing and shipment.

Save money

You won’t be charged Shopify transaction fees for any ‘on account’ orders placed through the app

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CyberWorkshop are one of Australasia’s leading Shopify partners, specialising in designing, developing, and delivering complete Shopify solutions for clients in Australia and New Zealand.

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