Sales Orders

Flexible control of your sales process end-to-end

Simplify sales for your products with intuitive order management that suits your business processes.

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End-to-end sales

Manage the sales process, from providing quotes to shipment and invoicing, all with the ease of use of Unleashed’s intuitive sales module.

  • Everything you need
    Create a quote using a customer’s correct sell price tier and delivery address, and turn it into a sales order once it is accepted. Customize your sales order, invoice, pick list and ship note documentation for yourself or your customer.
  • Sales done your way
    Use stock with specific serial or batch numbers, and allocate or deallocate stock from sales according to your needs. Split shipments and invoices and give your sales orders the flexibility to reflect your sales process.

Transparent pricing

Automate your sales processes by ensuring the right price always comes up for the right customer, with clear insight into your margins.

  • Intuitive customer pricing
    Add multiple price tiers per product and assign a price tier to each customer. Creating a sales order for a customer means the correct price, discount and tax is used for each product, every time.
  • Visible margins
    View margins at the sales order level and at the sale item level. Have the flexibility to restrict other users from seeing margin and operational information if you so choose.

Keep your financials accurate

Manage data consistency and integrity between platforms and locations, including Unleashed’s integration with your accounting system.

  • Separate invoices and orders
    Easily deal with pre-payments or split deliveries with invoices that are separate to the sales order. Send the invoice to your accounting software to manage payment, while keeping the sales order open as you work on it.
  • Data consistency
    Save time and energy with Unleashed’s integrations with CRM, eCommerce and POS software that can create sales directly within Unleashed. Your sales and revenue data is the same with every platform you use.

Mobile sales app for iPhone

Unleashed Sales App gives you mobile inventory information and the ability to create sales on your iPhone, so you can be responsive to what your customer wants.

  • Bring your business to your customers
    Check the inventory levels and location of your stock anywhere, so you can guarantee your customer the products they want. Create a sale on the spot, and email the order to your customer. Have the information you need at your fingertips to keep your customers happy.

Sales Orders FAQ

Contact us today if you have more questions about how Sales Orders can work for your business.

  • Can you create a split payment for a sales order?

    Yes, you can create a split invoice by creating a normal invoice but editing the quantity to the desired amount, and removing the items you wish to exclude. This will create a split invoice and when viewing the Sales Order, it will show the remaining stock to be invoiced allowing for a split payment.

  • Can you apply credit limits for customers?

    No. However, there is a feature to manually stop the credit of the customer. This can be done on the customer master record located on the View Customers tab. On the bottom of the page, there is an on/off option for stopping the use of credit for a customer.

  • Can you undo a completed sales order?

    Yes, you can do this by using the credit feature. This is located under the Sales > Credits > Add Credit. This will allow you to choose the sales Invoice that you wish to credit. You also have the option to select return. You will only need to do this if the items have been sent out and need to be returned, and using the Reason tab you can specify the reason for the return.

  • Can we allocate stock to a sales order?

    Yes, you can also, make this allocation a default process by checking the “Auto Allocation” toggle within the Company Settings. You can allocate stock by creating the Sales Order and adding the desired Products to it. This will effectively allocate the stock that was specified in the sales order and will reduce the Stock availability. However, the allocation is not hard allocation and you can still prioritize the completion of Sales Orders depending on your requirement.


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