Supplier Returns

Easy product returns for accurate sales numbers

Efficiently manage your stock levels with product returns to your supplier that updates your accounting software.


Inventory accuracy

Return all or part of your purchase and maintain accurate inventory levels and values.

    Keep your inventory accurate by tailoring your supplier return for your needs. For your records, you can include a reason for returns and choose whether the whole purchase is being returned, or in parts.
  • Precise accounting
    Once completed, the supplier return is sent to your accounting software for reconciliation. Unleashed will update the value of your stock to maintain data consistency and accuracy across platforms.

Costed Supplier Returns

Easily manage returns without the frustration. If your return purchases have added costs such as duties, freight or handling, choose whether these costs are written off or refunded. The information is seamlessly conveyed to your accounting software, saving you the hassle.

Supplier Returns FAQ

Contact us today if you have more questions about how Supplier Returns can work for your business.

  • Can I auto-disassemble products with serial or batch numbers?

    No. During the disassembly, a serial or batch number must be assigned to all the component products, so these disassemblies must be done manually.
  • Can I have more than one Bill of Material per product?’

    Only one Bill of Material can be used per product to break it down into component products, however a component product can result from more than one disassembled finished good. For example a box of umbrellas can be disassembled into individual umbrellas, and a crate of umbrellas can also be disassembled into individual umbrellas.
  • Where do I turn on disassembly?

    Each product can be toggled as being ‘Can Auto-assemble’ and ‘Can Auto-Disassemble’ on a Bill of Materials. No separate Bill of Materials is needed. Manual disassemblies can be create under the Production menu.