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Frequently asked questions about Unleashed

We know there are a lot. We thought it would be helpful to share what others are asking.

We support most product-based businesses from manufacturers and wholesalers and all the way through to eCommerce businesses. We’ve found that we’re a particularly good fit for F&B, Electrical and Construction Materials, Furniture, Chemicals and Medical Devices and everything in between. Book a chat now to see if Unleashed is the right fit for your business.

There are no limits to the number of products, customers or transactions you can create within Unleashed.
We have multiple ways to track product stages. This includes batch/serial tracking and creating your own custom statuses for purchase orders, assemblies and sales orders.

Unleashed uses Average Landed Costs (ALC). ALC = Total Stock Value / Total Stock Qty.

We have a large range of settings allowing users to automate their workflows depending on their needs. The highest level of customisation is possible through using our Open API. Our B2B Portal also lets you automate notifications to your customers, keeping them up-to-date on the status of their orders.

Product min/max stock levels can be automated through the use of our Advanced Inventory Manager (AIM) tool. AIM can analyse your historical rate of demand to auto-suggest new stock levels to use. You can then apply these suggestions to your entire product range. This would need to be regularly reviewed to ensure accuracy.

Yes, all of our bulk import templates use .csv format within Excel. This allows you to quickly and easily add new data and change existing data within Unleashed.
Yes, each product you create can be customised and varied depending on your requirements. However, if you’re seeking to create product ‘variants’ (i.e., products that reside within other products), this feature is not currently available in Unleashed.

Once products are enabled to batch-track, each transaction can be traced from the point of purchasing to being sold. To perform a product recall, you need to run a Batch Enquiry report in Unleashed. Search for a specific batch number to see where the product has been sold (to reach out to customers) and where it was purchased from (to reach out to suppliers).

Yes, it’s possible to assign multiple suppliers to a single product record, each with their own unique support product codes, descriptions, min order qty, purchase price, and lead days as desired.
Yes, you can easily set up multiple currencies within Unleashed to purchase in any foreign currency you require.
Yes, you can enforce specific users to require approval through role permissions whenever changes are made to a purchase order.
Yes. You can also set up automated notifications that are sent to your supplier when a purchase order is placed, or sent to your customer when a sales order is completed.

After adding a barcode to a product record, you will be able to use your barcode scanner to receipt in goods via purchasing, stock counts, sales shipments, and warehouse transfers. You can use any Plug and Play or Bluetooth device as long as it has a keyboard input setting on the barcode scanner itself. More info can be found in our support files here.

We have a number of paid add-ons that you can choose to suit your business model and workflows.

  1. B2B Potal: Allows your customers to self serve rather than calling or emailing with their orders.
  2. Business Intelligence: Advanced reporting that helps you measure your product, channel and salesperson performance.
  3. Advanced Inventory Manager: Demand planning and inventory forecasting to ensure you have the right stock levels based on historical or forecasted demand.
  4. eCommerce Hub: Connect your Unleashed account to Shopify, WooCommerce and Amazon to ensure you’re displaying the right stock and you’re not inputting transactions twice.

Prices vary. Please see our Pricing Page for more info.

No, we don’t. But we have native integrations with Vend (by Lightspeed) and Shopify (which connects you with Shopify POS), and some of our customers use our B2B Portal as a POS sytem. Other than that there are also third party connectors who have created integrations between Unleashed and other POS systems.

We have native integrations with Xero, QuickBooks, Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, Prospect CRM, Salesforce and more. Plus we have a whole host of third party integrations to solve smaller pain points like EDI, shipping and reporting. Visit our Integrations Hub for more info.

Yes, we do! All the information you need to set up custom integrations can be found within our API Documentation. You can also test out any custom integrations in your Sandbox Environment before going live.

We have 3 pricing tiers: Medium, Large, and Large Plus. Visit our pricing page for a detailed breakdown of the features and the number of users you get with each plan.

Absolutely, click here to book a chat with a member of our team.