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B2B eCommerce Store

Give your customers a seamless buying experience with our dedicated online ordering platform.

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Increase customer satisfaction

Allow your customers to place and track their orders easily and quickly to improve their buying experience.

Reduce costs

Remove manual processes and minimise costly errors when you use the B2B platform to automate your selling process.

Boost efficiency

Streamline your business processes by removing manual order entry and make transacting easy.

See the B2B eCommerce Store In Action

Anna Busby explores the B2B eCommerce store in this 15 minute on-demand webinar

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Reorder previous orders

Place repeat orders quickly. Your clients can use the Order History page to view past orders and place the same order.

Check order status

Your clients can view all their orders in the Order History page. Keep track of orders and quickly address issues as they arise.

View stock availability

Allow your customers to see what’s in stock for each product with a variety of options to display product details for your store.

Favourites list

Your customers’ favourites list shows them all their favourite products and allows them to add them to their cart, ready for a quick purchase.

Customise your store

The store’s all yours! Personalise your storefront, product catalogues, delivery message, content pages and more.

Customer management

Invite your customers to access your store at a click of a button. You’ll find it easy to manage and update your customers’ details.

Customised pricing

If you’ve set a special price, such as a quantity discount or a customer special pricing, your customers will be able to see that detail.

Allow multiple admins

Grant admin access based on your current users in Unleashed.

Product categories and catalogues

Create categories and catalogues for your products so you can make effective, targeted sales to your B2B customers.

Consistent branding

Design your B2B Store homepage and emails in a way that aligns with your brand and resonates with your customers. You can feature products, use rich text emails and customise your product categories.

Multiple warehouses

Managing multiple warehouses is easy with stock visibility. Display stock levels from multiple warehouses and select one destination warehouse that will fulfil your B2B orders.

Automatic freight charges


Easily manage freight charges for your customers’ orders. Create rates based on geographic locations and sell price tiers, and automatically add freight costs and freight taxes.

Help customers self-service

Whether they’re a one-off customer or they’ve been with you since day one, your customers can manage it all themselves — from browsing to making payments

Stay flexible and responsive

Your business landscape can change quickly. Use the B2B Payments feature to stay agile — reach out to new customers while engaging with your loyal customers

Scale with ease

B2B Payments give you the flexibility to scale and address a larger market without having to set up a system from scratch

Capture the market

Unlock new opportunities for one-time customers to buy without the hassle of setting up an account

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How it works

Montana Colors transforms their B2B process

The team and Montana Colors knew there had to be a more efficient way of managing their B2B sales. Find out how they used the Unleashed B2B eCommerce Store to simplify their processes and become more progressive in their industry.

Grow your business with a B2B plan that’s right for you

The B2B eCommerce platform is available for all Unleashed Medium, Large and Large Plus subscription plans.

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$1 308 annually or
$1 308 annually or
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$1 908 annually or
$1 749 annually or
per month

Content management
Customised pricing
Price tiers
Quantity price breaks
Transactional emails
Multiple images per product
Favourites list
Multiple admin accounts
Additional content pages
Multiple customer contacts
Display stock levels
Display estimated stock arrival time
Display stock levels by warehouse
Standing orders
Multiple warehouses
Product catalogues
Product categories

Personalised email templates

Customisable homepage

Guest access
Payments See pricing

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* Additional stores can be added on at

$759 annually or $69
$588 annually or $49
$539 annually or $49
£429 annually or £39
per month. ** Unlimited access and availability is subject to fair and reasonable use provisions contained in the Unleashed Terms and Conditions. +
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