Inventory Manager.

Smarter stock control,
without the stress

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Lift cash flow

AIM automatically finds your overstocked or understocked lines, so you can quickly improve cash flow

Live insights

AIM fine-tunes inventory based on the actual performance of each product, so every decision is right for you
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Fast, intelligent prompts

AIM sorts your SKUs so you tackle the important jobs first. Group tasks by value – or spot dead stock at a glance

See AIM in action

Discover the simplicity and power of AIM in these short demos
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Built for modern supply chain managers

Regain control & maximise returns with AIM’s powerful & intuitive tools

Set smart min-max levels at scale

AIM lets you adjust reorder levels in bulk, based on up-to-date performance data, and the strategy that you choose
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From dead stock to demand planning: How Flowstore use Advanced Inventory Manager

With a long sea journey required to replenish stock Flowstore had always struggled to ensure inventory availability for their customers. Now, thanks to the intelligent demand forecasting tools in Unleashed’s Advanced Inventory Manager (AIM) module, Flowstore can avoid stock outs without pouring capital into excess stock – while easily spotting their non-moving lines.

Manage the different parts of your portfolio

Set and apply different inventory strategies according to warehouse location, product group, or even supplier, for more nuanced inventory control

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Forecast demand & plan purchasing

Use a linear, seasonal or manual forecasting model to predict the stock levels you need, then immediately adjust your reorder points – and purchase frequency

Flat pricing for everyone in your team


Based on your location, all prices are in

New Zealand
and exclude
applicable taxes
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