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Unlocking the power of Unleashed for Shopify multi-store

Whether you are a well-established business with a hundred employees spread out across several countries or a one-man band growing your fledgling business from your living room, ensuring your e-commerce business operates efficiently and profitably is all about seamless and effective systems integration. Unleashed now offers businesses the opportunity to integrate our powerful inventory management software with all of your Shopify stores. It’s a move driven to better help businesses manage the unique inventory challenges that arise when operating multiple Shopify stores and multiple warehouses.

Multiple stores – One platform

By integrating with Shopify Multi-Store, Unleashed is able to provide users the ability to connect all of their Shopify stores to their Unleashed account. This means that you are now able to track, trace and account for all of your inventory across multiple stores and warehouses from a single platform.

Faster dispatch times = happier customers

Customers, regardless of which Shopify store they are purchasing through, will now have their order processed, packed and shipped with maximum speed because all orders are sent directly to your Unleashed warehouses for immediate processing and dispatch. Full automation of the supply chain – from sales to packing and shipping – eradicates the time consuming and resource sapping steps manual interventions require in more traditional supply chain setups.

Enjoy full multi-location inventory management functionality

One of the most significant and complex challenges facing businesses operating multiple Shopify stores and warehouses lies in storing, isolating and allocating inventory accurately across each location. Without the ability to reliably track inventory across multiple locations in real time, business owners put themselves at risk of misallocating stock and running into the costly, efficiency sapping errors that arise from stock outs, or conversely, bloated inventory levels.

Multi Warehousing capability makes overselling a thing of the past

Unleashed’s integration with Shopify Multi-Store now ensures that businesses can fully customize and sync their products by choosing to ringfence or reserve stock to a specific store. For businesses with multiple sales channels and multiple stores, this means that you will always have products on stock for your online customers to purchase.

Set stock level and re-order alerts

Stock level alerts for each location can be set so that when stock in one location is running low you can allocate stock from another location to be moved across. If this is not an option, re-ordering of replenishment stock can be done in a timely manner ensuring your inventory levels never drop below critical levels. This is especially important ahead of key sales surges such as Valentine’s day, Christmas or seasonal sales.

Meeting the challenge of the micro-multinational

One of the greatest advantages of operating multiple stores on Shopify is the ability to market to and sell directly to international customers in their own countries and to accept and process payment in their local currencies. Unleashed enables fully automated, up to date currency conversion ensuring that your business can safely and easily conduct forex transactions without the need for inefficient and error prone manual intervention.

Free-flowing channels of information sharing

The real power of the Unleashed Shopify multi store integration lies in its information sharing and synchronization capacity. Unleashed shares sales orders, product information and customers with Shopify. Shopify orders are sent directly to your Unleashed account for immediate processing and dispatch. Because all information is synchronized and updated in real time, you are able to get up to the minute updates on stock levels in each of your Shopify stores from anywhere in the world – thanks to the power of the cloud.

This level of visibility into the supply chain gives you the ability to proactively achieve next-level growth for your Shopify stores by streamlining and automating your key business processes with Unleashed’s powerful inventory management.

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Article by Melanie Chan in collaboration with our team of Unleashed Software inventory and business specialists. Melanie has been writing about inventory management for the past three years. When not writing about inventory management, you can find her eating her way through Auckland.

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