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Flexible Sales Management

Gain accurate sales margin reporting for flexible sales processes and order management including invoicing, backordering, pick-and-pack, customer returns and drop shipping.


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Margin visibility

The sales module uses cost reporting from the production and purchasing modules to give you full visibility and accurate reporting on the actual margin for each product, across every sale.

Order Management

A comprehensive sales order management like ours gives you the ability to review and process orders and invoice customers. Create split shipments, email invoices to your customers and more with Unleashed.

Sales Backordering

Unleashed provides the flexibility to meet your business requirements. Create purchases from sales orders, ship available products and backorder the rest from your suppliers. Once the backordered stock comes in, you can ship the remainder of the order.

Flexible Customer Returns

Unleashed offers several flexible return options including the most common scenario of crediting the customer and returning stock back to the company.

“When we got Unleashed in place, it just made it a lot easier for us.”


Pick and Pack

With Unleashed you can print off any documentation you might need for your business’ entire pick and pack process, including shipping. Simply print off the required warehouse documentation such as a picking list, packing list, an invoice, or a ship note.

Customer Management

Easily store all your customer information on one platform. Unleashed keeps track of customer details such as addresses, phone numbers, and order history. Set up to 10 price levels and discounts using tiered pricing to better target your customers.

Native POS Integration

Unleashed supports native integration with Vend, an excellent point-of-sale system.

By integrating with Vend, Unleashed will automatically sync stock and sales information across your retail outlets, eCommerce stores and multiple warehouses in real-time.

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Native eCommerce Integration

Unleashed acts as a dedicated centralised stock system for both Shopify and Magento, powerful eCommerce platforms.

Magento in turn will update Unleashed on a regular basis with sales data.


Integrating with Magento allows Unleashed to share stock information. Magento in turn will regularly update Unleashed with sales data to create a unique ERP solution


The Shopify integration connects all your Shopify stores to your Unleashed account so you can manage all your inventory workflow and decisions from a single platform.

Production FAQ

Contact us today if you have more questions about how Sales can work for your business.

If a mistake has been made on a sales order, and the transaction has been completed already, a new sales order needs to be created, along with a credit note. This ensures that accounting data is protected from an audit perspective, as well as preserving the integrity of the data that Unleashed sends to any integrated (linked) cloud systems. Voided transactions are on our roadmap.

We don’t recommend that Unleashed is used as a point-of-sale system. However, it is certainly possible, and some customers do use Unleashed as a POS. The default view on the sales order screen can be modified to ensure customers can’t see any product margins. But the reality is that Unleashed is not a dedicated POS. As mentioned above we strongly recommend that you rely on our native integration with Vend instead to provide dedicated POS functionality.

Yes. Even if we don’t have a native integration, Unleashed supports this via our API. Many of our customers use our API to receive bespoke sales data, for example. Unleashed can be linked to any other system, including any e-commerce systems, via our API. As an alternative you can also use our OneSaas or Zapier connectors to manage the information flow between Unleashed and any external system (additional 3rd party charges will apply).

Yes! Unleashed supports special customer pricing to give you the flexibility to apply special discounts for each customer. Find out more here.

A parent with subsidiary entities, or perhaps a situation where there is one head office with several branches, is currently handled in Unleashed as one organisation with multiple delivery addresses. To set this up right, we recommend that you only create one customer code for the parent head office, and within that head office (parent) record also setup the various (child) branches – each with a separate delivery address. And whenever a sale is created in one record, you can then choose to bill it against one of the branches. (Note that this is different from having a branch as a customer record, and then invoicing against an individual customer record). The benefit of all of this is that Unleashed offers a single head office bill, which includes all branches.

Yes. Our sales order process has the flexibility to ship any quantities required, with any amounts invoiced separately. This provides great a great deal of flexibility for your sales and order processes. For example, you are able to receipt a deposit before shipping 50% an order and when the second invoice is raised, then the remaining stock can be shipped.