How will Unleashed help you?

Moving on to Unleashed supercharges your performance in dozens of different ways. Here are the most common benefits of using the software that Unleashed customers tell us about

Unlock efficiency

The secret driver of productivity? Running all your business processes through one cohesive system. With Unleashed all your departments work in unison – right from sales though to production, purchasing, warehousing and accounts.

We’re saving $30-$40,000 a year in wasted time. It’s also increased accuracy in our orders phenomenally.
Daniel Pantaleo, owner of Pinjarra Bakeries, Australia.

Improve cash flow

How much cash do you have tied up in inventory? Do you know which lines are over or under stocked?

With Unleashed you’ll always know the answer to these questions – and release significant cashflow with tools that automatically right-size your stock levels, track expiry dates, and prompt you to buy new stock at the right time – and in the right quantities.

Simply by adjusting each re-supply order down to where it should be, you immediately have more cash in hand.
Maria Pearman, Principal and beverage practice leader with GHJ

Grow sales

How is Unleashed such a radical driver of increased sales? Partly, because it removes roadblocks – and partly by opening further paths for growth.

With Unleashed you can process more sales without adding headcount, branch out into multiple different sales channels – both B2B and B2C – match purchasing to your future sales, and fulfil your orders faster.

We've grown 12x bigger since we started using Unleashed. We couldn’t have managed without it.
Hannah Childs – Co-CEO at Behemoth Brewery

Gain all-new insight

24-7 stock-awareness is just the beginning. With baked-in Business Intelligence you’ll end your reliance on time-consuming custom reports and disparate data for decision-making.

We use the Business Intelligence module to get a better picture of what people are buying, what they’re not buying and how we can better serve them.
Ryan Bamford - Manager at Traders Warehouse

Better financial control

Unleashed connects with your accounting system to automate your bookkeeping – journaling inventory transactions and raising sales invoices directly in your accounting software.

Keep a tight rein on accounts payable and receivable with full documentation of receipts and proof of delivery – and guide smarter business decisions with accurate reports on costs, margins, sales and more.

We have a really good picture of our costs, as well as where all of our ingredients and final products sit.
Paul White, CEO at West Winds Gin

Risk-free onboarding + always-on support

Great software is no help if your staff aren’t confident using it. That’s why at Unleashed we take such care getting you set up on the system – and supported as you use it.

You’ll be guided through your Unleashed go-live with the best-rated onboarding team in the business – who’ll then hand you over to a support team that believes in putting the ‘service’ back in to SaaS.

It’s like having an inventory software expert on your staff, without the overhead!

See the software in action

Explore the fundamentals of Unleashed in this 15 minute demo. Tyler Barnes shows how Unleashed helps you manage your purchasing, stock levels, warehouses and sales – plus demonstrates batch & serial tracking features, and how Unleashed integrates with other software.

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