Shopify + Unleashed:
The Best Shopify Inventory Option

Shopify + Unleashed gives you powerful eCommerce inventory management, for when you’ve outgrown the native Shopify stock management tools.

Can you use the native Shopify tools?

Shopify includes excellent basic inventory management functionality, especially for businesses whose first sales channel is online. Shopify’s tools ensure you:

Don’t sell stock you
don’t have.

Know when to reorder,
and how much.

Avoid buying excess

For many single-channel eCommerce businesses these tools do the job well. Native Shopify inventory tools now let you report on your inventory trends, issue purchase orders, and track inventory through its POS software, which means many firms will get years from this built-in functionality.

Who needs a dedicated inventory app?

You’re much more likely to need an integrated system (like Shopify + Unleashed) if:

You sell via multiple channels
and to different
customer types (B2B & B2C).

You manufacture, assemble
or disassemble some of
your products.

You need features like lot
tracking / batch tracking,
serial number tracking.

For businesses that began as  wholesalers, manufacturers, or brick-and-mortar retailers and are now branching out into eCommerce, a more sophisticated inventory management system is a must.

Similarly, many businesses that start in eCommerce will outgrow the basic Shopify tools as they add sales channels and complexity.


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Limitations of native Shopify Inventory Management
(solved by using Shopify + Unleashed)

Common pain points for businesses using Shopify’s built-in inventory tools include:

Prohibited items

Shopify’s extensive policies can restrict items as benign as basic cosmetics, cutting you off from your market

Warehouse transfers

Tracking stock from place to place can fail, depending on freight options used

No multi-channel view

If you sell offline, use more than one online platform, or use a different POS system, Shopify won’t track your sales – so you might sell the same stock twice

Reordering woes

Shopify’s reordering prompts are limited to the stock and channels it can see

Data lags

Shopify says “it can take 12-72 hours before inventory changes appear in reports”

No batch or lot tracking

Sophisticated functions like these require dedicated software

How Unleashed + Shopify works

When you connect Unleashed to Shopify you get a dedicated inventory management platform that integrates seamlessly with your eCommerce stores.

Unleashed’s powerful features include:

Accurate costing

Live inventory valuation that accounts for every different purchase price – plus variable costs like freight or labour – giving you total visibility over margins

Easy Assemblies

Disassemble bulk orders from a single item to multiple items. Or kit multiple items into a single unit for sale, e.g. gift baskets or mixed packs

Smart drop shipping

Fulfil directly from your supplier after your customer buys, saving on warehousing & transport costs

Advanced analytics

Sophisticated reporting and BI analytics drive successful decision-making

Powerful integrations

Connect with the leading cloud apps, including Xero, QBO, Amazon, Salesforce and more

Bills of materials

Plan your manufacturing with online ‘recipes’ for your products that allow super-precise purchasing

Discover more Unleashed features here.

Ready to learn more? Watch a 25-minute demonstration of Unleashed’s core features. Starting with the dashboard and the main operational reports the session also touches on managing inventory, batch tracking, purchasing, production and sales from within the software.

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