App Advisory is the Next Strategic Move for Accountants

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As an accountant, clients need your support now more than ever. How you support them has changed over the years and will continue to evolve.

The role of accountants used to involve a lot of manual, tedious tasks that clients would outsource for help getting it done. However, with cloud technology, these traditional tasks are being automated and optimised throughout businesses around the world.

App advisory changes the shape of your role. You’ll spend time gaining a better understanding of your client’s business and how you can add value. You’ll be able to guide your clients on ways to achieve their financial goals and business ambitions.

What is app advisory?

Essentially, app advisory highlights the challenges and opportunities your clients are going through and helps them choose the right apps to support them. Advisors can suggest what technology will help clients run their businesses in a more efficient manner.

How can app advisory benefit your clients?

Imagine you’re looking for a good podcast to listen to. You can search through a podcast library filled with hundreds of channels talking about the same thing, but how are you supposed to know which one you’ll enjoy?

A friend with similar interests might be able to recommend a good podcast on the topic you’re looking for. Their advice is valuable because it saves you time listening to podcasts that you might not enjoy.

There are a ton of apps on the market and it’s hard for your clients to discern which is the more appropriate one. Just as your friend can help you find the right podcast, you can advise clients on the right apps for their business. These apps can play a fundamental role in the key components of your client’s business and will continue to save them time and help them make better decisions for their business.

Case Study: Trident Financial Group

Roger Fredrick, a chartered accountant from Trident Financial Group is one of our Referral Partners. Trident Financial Group are business advisors that work predominantly with SMEs. They work closely with Unleashed and our wider partner network to help deliver a cloud-app solution that will solve their clients’ problems.

App advisory benefits accountants

As an accountant, you need to be adaptable with your business offerings. With app advisory, you can offer new services that benefit your clients and strengthen your value proposition. This allows accountants to keep their current clients and grow their business without having to compete on price.

If you provide app advisory, you can enhance your ongoing revenue by providing advice on a regular basis and bundle this offering with your other services.

For accountants and bookkeepers looking to add more value to their practice, we’ve compiled a guide to app advisory here.

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Article by Melanie Chan in collaboration with our team of Unleashed Software inventory and business specialists. Melanie has been writing about inventory management for the past three years. When not writing about inventory management, you can find her eating her way through Auckland.

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