Save yourself the setup headache. Become a Referral Partner.

With the Unleashed Referral Programme, accountants and bookkeepers get all the benefits of recommending our platform — without the hassle of setting it up.

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Referral Partner

Be indispensable to clients.


Showcase a winning combination: inventory management and the cloud.


Develop a deeper relationship with your clients.


Empower your clients to scale, while helping them derisk their business.

Why should I become a Referral Partner?

Free access to client accounts

Hop on and help your clients, without paying for an additional user.

Save your clients money

Introduce a new business to Unleashed, and we’ll give them their first month free.*

Educational resources

Find everything you need to introduce Unleashed in your personal Partner Portal.

24-hour email support

Give your clients a platform they can trust, with dedicated support in the UK and Australasia.

Comprehensive overview session

Start your relationship with Unleashed on the right foot.

Earn money for charity

Refer 5 clients, and we’ll give $500 to charity, or give your team a $500 Amazon voucher.

Free Unleashed account

Get a fully functional Unleashed account, entirely free of charge.

Introductions to Implementers

Have a client who needs extra help? Choose one of our trusted Implementation Partners.


“We chose to become an Unleashed Referral Partner because of their excellent customer support.”

“It ensures that our clients can get the best outcomes from their inventory management software. Plus, the integration with Xero makes it a lot easier for accountants to support our clients.”

– Roger Fredrick, Trident Financial Group

How to become a Referral Partner

1. Register your interest

Start by filling out our application form.

2. We’ll assess your application

We’ll get in touch to see how referring Unleashed can benefit your business.

3. Overview session

We’ll set you up with an overview session and access to your Partner Portal.

Find out more about how we work with our Referral Partners.


  • What is Unleashed Software?

    Unleashed Software is an inventory management solution that’s designed with wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors in mind. Our platform has enabled thousands of companies around the world to scale by taking their inventory management into the cloud: saving time manually entering data, cutting down on costly errors and giving clear visibility over stock.

  • How do I know if Unleashed is a good fit for my client?

    Thousands of global companies use Unleashed for their inventory management, but not every business will need our tailored solution. We’ll help you assess whether your clients could benefit from Unleashed as soon as you’re on board as a Partner.

    When you refer a client to us, we’ll also conduct a full assessment to decide whether Unleashed is a good fit for their needs.

  • Does Unleashed integrate with other cloud services?

    Yes. Unleashed integrates with a wide variety of different applications and services, so our customers can seamlessly synchronise their data across all the tools they use. Find all the integrations you can get with Unleashed on our Add-on Marketplace.

  • How do I access my Unleashed account?

    You can access your free Unleashed account — and the accounts of any clients that you’ve referred to Unleashed — via your Partner Portal. Follow the link below to log in.

    Log in to your Partner Portal.

  • Can I have more than one account?

    As an Unleashed Referrer, we’ll give you a fully functional Unleashed account for up to 5 users so they can get firsthand experience of the platform. If you need to add extra users, contact your Account Manager.

  • Can I make money?

    Introduce 5 clients to Unleashed, and we’ll either donate $500 to a charity of your choice or give you a $500 Amazon voucher to spend on your team. But we wouldn’t recommend becoming an Unleashed Referrer Partner to gain a direct revenue stream — it’s all about delivering better advice to your clients.

  • What training and support will I receive?

    As part of our onboarding process, we’ll give you and your company an overview session that details everything you need to know about Unleashed and cloud inventory management. You’ll also get a tour of your Partner Portal. Make sure to check it regularly to find new content on Unleashed, the cloud, SaaS and inventory management.

  • How do I access support?

    You’ll find all the support resources you need in your Partner Portal. If you or your clients need help with something more specific, contact your Account Manager.

*Excludes Annual plans