Pencil + Unleashed

End-to-end trade-credit management for suppliers of good products.

The fast, safe and secure way to manage trade credit.

  • Unleashed Software - Integration Partner - Pencil

How it works

Pencil automates time-consuming processes including credit applications and approvals, data collection and validation and payment processing.


Pencil is a white labelled credit application portal that carries your brand and integrates into your website.

Customer Experience

Trade customers simply click apply now, enter their ABN and hit “GO”. This kicks-off a 90-second onboarding process that speeds up the time to first order.

Credit Management

When applications are complete, perform a quick credit or cash flow check before you approve or reject. You should know who to give credit to, how much and for how long?

Operational Efficiencies

Once you approve a new account, payment details are tokenised and customer records auto-populate into Unleashed and your accounting software, eliminating double data-entry.

Accounts Efficiencies

Multi-invoice payment plans, credit monitoring and partial payments are coupled with our industry leading clearing account and reconciliation feature.

About Pencil

Pencil is a cloud based on-boarding and credit management system helping Wholesale Suppliers, Manufacturers and Distributors to:

  • Make better credit decisions when on-boarding new trade customers;
  • Save time, increase labour efficiency and boost output.
  • Ensure ongoing monitoring and timely payments from new and existing customers.

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