Connecting Cloud-based Applications


Creating connections for optimum business performance

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How it works

IntegrationsBase, a customized integration portal created by FeatureIT, connects multiple cloud-based applications to Unleashed. Make better business decisions knowing that all your data is consistent and up to date across your business systems.

Up to date information

Reduce data-entry time as information is automatically updated across multiple business systems when you update one system, keeping information accurate and consistent.

Better data, better decisions

Use the information available to make informed business decisions, having peace of mind knowing the information you have is most up to date.

What information on Unleashed is shared with other cloud-based applications?
  • Stock levels – view stock available on hand
  • Sales orders – view stock that has been included in open and/or issues quotes
  • Shipment details – transfer information back from Unleashed.

About FeatureIT

FeatureIT was set up in 2009 to meet the growing response for cloud-based applications. The cloud has created opportunities for specialized software providers, however there has been limited assistance for business owners on the configured use of these applications. FeatureIT offers several products and services which enable customised integrations between cloud-based software applications to fit a business’ needs.

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