Report on your sales,
not your shipping fees!

Take advantage of the most accurate sales reporting available
on the market today, with Freight and Charges that are not included in your margins

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Add associated Freight and Charges without impacting margins

If your business is shipping all over the world, you need the flexibility to charge your customers freight and handling fees, without it showing up in your margins

  • Intuitive input
    Use a simple grid input on your sales, to include freight and other charges that do not impact on your sales margins
  • Versatile charges
    Use your existing Never Diminishing stock items such as freight, or simply enter in your charge on the fly

Include your Freight and Charges on all of your Unleashed sales processes

We’re keeping sales simple by making sure you can include Freight and Charges everywhere it counts – whether it’s quotes for your customers or on your invoicing documentation

  • Sales clarity
    Create a quote with Freight and Charges, and they roll into a sales order when the quote is accepted, so you’re providing your customer clarity for all costs throughout the sales process
  • Accounting access
    Unleashed’s Freight and Charges are available through our API, so whether you’re building a custom integration, or just want your charges to post to the correct place in your accounting software, we’ve got you covered

Report on your sales items and charges separately

Unleashed now offers the most sophisticated sales reporting available in the market today, with comprehensive insight into your profit margins and the ability to report on your Freight and Charges separately

  • Realistic margins
    Separating your freight and charges from your sales items in your reporting means increased accuracy in your overall revenue reporting, meaning you can be confident in your sales figures and salesperson commissions
  • Charge reporting –
    Report on the associated costs of doing business with Freight and Charges, which can be excluded from automatic discounts and give you clear insight into your incomings and outgoings with Unleashed

Freight and Charges FAQ

Contact us today if you have more questions about how Freight and Charges can work for your business.

  • What are Never Diminishing Products?

    Never Diminishing Products are product codes in Unleashed that do not require physical inventory to be sold, used for charges that often come up, such as a shipping or carriage fee.

  • Do I need to create a unique product code for every Freight and Charge?

    No, you can freely enter text and a sale price, meaning you can simply enter in a charge on the fly, without creating a product code beforehand.

  • Are Freight and Charges still reflected in my sales revenue on the dashboard?

    Yes, as this is still income from a sale. However Freight and Charges are not reflected in your sales margins, or your items per sale on the Unleashed dashboard.