Supplier Management

Streamline your purchasing process with centralized supplier information

Take advantage of automated processes by keeping all of your supplier details and their product prices in the one place.

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Supplier Price Books

Purchase your products from multiple suppliers quickly and simply, with supplier price books recorded against each product.

  • Straightforward management
    Spend less time checking external records by saving prices, currencies and address details for multiple suppliers of each product you purchase.
  • Less data input
    Select a supplier for a product purchase, and their information, prices and currency are loaded automatically, making international purchasing simpler than ever.


Simple and transparent

Make bulk updates to quickly centralize your supplier or vendor data.

  • Simple imports
    Create or update your supplier information by simply uploading a spreadsheet, and add suppliers to your products for your supplier price book the same way. No more cross-referencing data when purchasing from multiple suppliers.
  • Custom documents
    Customize your documentation for each supplier, including their specific product codes if they differ from your own. Assign a custom document to your supplier and it will generate automatically every time.

Transaction history

See all purchases, purchase costs and returns on each supplier record, including what purchases are still on order. Get deeper detail using the Purchase Enquiry report to see what products are on order from one or more suppliers.

  • Drill down for better insights
    Apply filters in the Purchase Enquiry such as product group, delivery date, landed cost and more to get detailed supplier information and make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

Supplier Management FAQ

Contact us today if you have more questions about how Supplier Management can work for your business.

  • Can I auto-disassemble products with serial or batch numbers?

    No. During the disassembly, a serial or batch number must be assigned to all the component products, so these disassemblies must be done manually.

  • Can I have more than one Bill of Material per product?’

    Only one Bill of Material can be used per product to break it down into component products, however a component product can result from more than one disassembled finished good. For example a box of umbrellas can be disassembled into individual umbrellas, and a crate of umbrellas can also be disassembled into individual umbrellas.

  • Where do I turn on disassembly?

    Each product can be toggled as being ‘Can Auto-assemble’ and ‘Can Auto-Disassemble’ on a Bill of Materials. No separate Bill of Materials is needed. Manual disassemblies can be create under the Production menu.


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