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What does Unleashed purchase order software do for you?

The humble purchase order touches multiple parts of your business – from invoices and inventory, to manufacturing and sales. That’s why you lift performance across the entire firm when your purchase order software is built in to your inventory platform.


Instantly generate bulk POs for your low stock items – automatically pre-populated with the correct quantities and supplier details – then email them out with a click.

Accurate margins,
agile workflows

Add variable costs like freight for a true view of your margins; create split receipts when part of an order arrives, and invoice directly from a completed purchase order.

Purchase for

Instantly order the right quantities of parts, components or ingredients for production based on your bill of materials & the volume of finished goods required – minus existing stock.

with ease​

Buy in bulk, then have Unleashed automatically record goods in the units they’re sold in – whether that’s converting from imperial to metric, volume to units, or pallets to bottles. 

Make the most
of your money​

Unleashed keeps track of all your supplier price breaks and discounts for the products you buy – so you can save money by purchasing in bulk – or take advantage of the best rates.

Grow efficiency,
avoid errors

Unleashed saves you hundreds of hours of error-prone admin & creates a single source of truth, with all your financial details shared with your accounting system in real time.


Raise purchase orders as soon as you make a sale: create your PO directly from a sales order, with quantities based on what you need – minus what you already hold.

Supplier ​

All your supplier details live in Unleashed, from price books to address details and transaction records. Easily update details in bulk, and customise your documents per supplier.

Optimised reordering + forecasts

Unleashed’s Advanced Inventory Manager (AIM) module auto-detects an optimal min-max reorder level for every item in your business, based on your own unique lead times and rate of use. AIM lets you set custom levels for different locations – keeping your stock in a healthy range and saving you thousands – while powerful inventory forecasting tools help you model your future needs.

Learn more about AIM

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How Unleashed purchase order software works

Learn more about Unleashed’s purchase order software functionality in the pages below

Purchase Order Management

How to order and purchase products by creating purchase orders, record stock coming in and manage supplier information such as price books.

Learn more about Purchase Order Management in Unleashed

Purchase Costs

Accurately costed goods give you better insight into your margins and overall profitability. Find out more about recording the true cost of acquiring your goods – and how that’s recorded in your accounting platform.

Learn more about purchase costs in Unleashed

Purchase Orders

All the details of purchase orders in Unleashed – and the functionality that the platform delivers.

Learn more about Purchase Orders in Unleashed

Purchase Order Recosting

There are no more roadblocks to selling your receipted goods – and your margins stay accurate – when you can add final costs to the purchase order as they come in.

Learn more about adding costs to purchase order in Unleashed

Supplier Management

Track and manage all your suppliers in one place, including vital information such as contact details, prices, and currency [includes demo].

Learn more about supplier management with Unleashed

Supplier Returns

Return part or all of a purchase – and keep your inventory and accounting accurate – with Unleashed’s flexible returns functionality.

Learn more about supplier returns with Unleashed

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Purchase order software FAQs

Questions we get asked the most about Unleashed’s purchase order software functionality

You can add any costs to any purchase orders and Unleashed will spread these costs across the cost of your products. This can be done automatically or you can manually override each one of the costs. For example, freight and customs, handling fees or an invoice from a freight company. In summary, you can add any cost that is not already part of the purchase price of a product.

Purchase orders can be created from the supplier’s screen or quick links. You can also create a purchase order from a reorder report showing you the products and amounts you need in the business, or via a sales order for fulfilment. When a product is selected, Unleashed can use the supplier’s product code and description.

To ensure that your product’s cost is accurate this is best achieved by making the necessary adjustment using your accounting provider’s system (e.g. Xero or Quickbooks). In doing so, you must also do a manual value-only adjustment against the product(s) to ensure your product cost is accurate.

No, and that is because Unleashed acts to safeguard and preserve the integrity of the data that has already been passed on to our integration partners. This ensures maximum auditability. Opposite transactions can be conducted to amend any transaction.