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Cloud-based inventory management
Manufacturing and BOM management
Inventory optimisation
Barcode scanning
Multichannel sales and invoicing
Inventory and sales reporting
Demand forecasting
Purchase order management
Accounting integrations
B2B eCommerce portal
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Why is Unleashed the best inFlow inventory alternative?

Cloud-Based Inventory Tracking

Easily check, manage, and update stock levels from wherever you are. Unleashed’s cloud inventory system centralises stock control to provide total visibility and accuracy across all your raw materials, components, and products.

Purchase Order Management

Automate and optimise your entire purchasing process, from PO creation to reordering and vendor management. Identify your economic order quantities and set optimal reorder points for every product to maximise profitability and protect your cash flow.

Manufacturing Inventory Control

Streamline the production planning process with auto-calculated assembly requirements and production capacity. Unleashed lets you build and analyse a bill of materials for every production job, determine how many finished products can be assembled based on current capacity, and help you accurately capture all your manufacturing costs for accurate profit margins on every build.

Multichannel Sales & Reporting

Synchronise all your sales and inventory data across different eCommerce, B2B, and retail channels to ensure perfect accuracy and avoid stockouts. Unleashed integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and Amazon to enable invaluable cross-channel reporting.

Connect with 30+ integrations

Use Unleashed’s robust, managed integrations to connect your accounting, CRM, and eCommerce systems and sync your key business data. Every Unleashed plan includes full API access for your developers.

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