Puremedic Health: 100% Revenue Growth with Unleashed at its Core

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“Our previous inventory management system was basically run on an Excel spreadsheet. And that’s both inventory for raw material for production, and finished goods for distribution.”

So says Helen Lyon, CEO of Melbourne-based Puremedic Health. The company is famous for a pregnancy and breastfeeding probiotic supplement called Qiara, which was the first in the world to be isolated directly from breastmilk. The product is an effective treatment for mastitis, and the business rounds out its range with other family-friendly gut health products.

However, running a successful manufacturing firm from Excel was testing the limits of what could be done with spreadsheets. In desperate need of a better means of managing their raw materials inventory, Helen looked at Unleashed following a recommendation from their accountant.

Unleashed at the core

The business soon made the move on to the inventory management platform, and complemented it with a B2B CRM system called Prospect.

Since then Puremedic Health staff have enjoyed all new levels of control and visibility across the business. To the extent that Helen describes Unleashed as the core of all the company’s processes.

“It’s where all of our other systems meet. We have a customer relationship management system; we have an accounting system; a third party logistics system – and all of those pivot around Unleashed as a central core.”

With Unleashed in place senior staff now feel much more in control.

“We’ve got a really good handle on our business performance that we didn’t have before,” says Helen.

“We know what our margins are. We can see when our margins are improving. And we can identify areas where margins can improve.”

100% revenue growth in 12 months

Helen had previously worked with so-called ‘all-in-one’ style software systems, and now sees a lot of benefits to using ‘best-of-breed’ cloud software like Unleashed.

“What I love about the solution is it enables us to scale,” says Helen. With Unleashed in place, her revenue has gone up 100% in just 12 months – and continues to grow.

“We’ve gone from a smallish business with a limited number of production runs, to a lot of production runs, and we’re growing rapidly.”

“To know that I won’t have to change systems, and that the systems we’ve implemented can grow with us, is really really important to me.

“It gives us the flexibility we need.”

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