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Since 2011 ConvertworX has been providing businesses with tailored cloud computing solutions. They offer personalised solution design, set-up, conversion, training and support through partnerships with software providers. ConvetworX is one of the earliest integration partners with Unleashed. We had a chat with founder Inbal Steinberg about how the two companies work together.

Tell us a bit about ConvertworX

Well, we are technical people, IT people, and we provide a service that’s quite broad. We start with clients in the planning stage – looking at what they need and how they will use the system to get the best out it. We look at their processes – do they import, build or manufacture? What type of clients do they have, will they have ecommerce – all that type of important business analysis.

So where does Unleashed come into it?

So if the client’s need fit with what Unleashed provides we recommend them. And we help with the implementation and setup so they don’t have to deal with two separate providers.

We also have in-house developers to help with integration. Sometimes we need to custom code for the integration. For example we recently wrote an integration piece that constantly queries Unleashed for product and pricing updates and customer updates that get pushed into Handshake, an iPad app for order entry.

That’s so clever! Any other examples?

Another customer that uses Handshake with Unleashed also needed to factor in commission for their agents. So we built them a dashboard. Now they can see at a glance the data from Unleashed, the MYOB history, KPI and how much commission is earned every day.

And a client of Unleashed was using Magento for eCommerce. Unleashed does have an out-of-the-box integration with Magento, but the client needed it to work slightly differently. So we came on board to create some custom code to make it work the way they wanted it to.

How did our companies get to be such BFFs?

When we first started out, Unleashed was pretty much the go-to solution for inventory for Xero. And it still is – there isn’t really any other product out there that can do what Unleashed does.

So what are the tricky bits?

The main issue is that all the systems that we work with – Unleashed, Xero, Magento – are what I call young technology. So there will be things that aren’t perfect and for us it’s all about setting the customer’s expectations properly. We never tell people ‘you can’t do that’, we say ‘let’s see how we can make that work for you.’

Working with Unleashed is pretty awesome then?

I would say Unleashed is a leader in the level of support they offer. They leave the others way behind. There is a level of maturity within their development that allows them to provide knowledgeable support. They know the product inside out and have huge experience with a variety of customers. You can come to them with a client’s needs and they say ‘yes, we’ve done a few of those, here’s how it works.’ Which is a delight, it’s great.

We have a very strong relationship with Unleashed. So if a customer has issues we work with Unleashed directly to resolve them. And Unleashed is great with that, they are very supportive.

How do you recommend Unleashed to your clients?

Well, we always recommend the solution that is best for the client. When recommending Unleashed we say they provide the best support, and their implementation and on-boarding is great. Unleashed is a mature and robust solution you can rely on.

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