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The journey to being an Unleashed Implementation Partner is easier than it looks — just take it from Scott Elder, Director and Co-founder of Australia-based Catalyst Cloud Solutions. The Catalyst team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in financial services, project management, cost control, cashflow analysis and more, and are dedicated to helping small businesses find better business solutions for their business challenges. He shares with us how Catalyst Cloud Solutions got started with Unleashed and how they’ve helped their clients grow and flourish.

Cloud-focused from the get-go

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Catalyst Cloud Solutions is an Adelaide-based cloud integration company born in the cloud in 2014. We partner with many of the SaaS providers to deliver cloud Integration services across Australia to serve a number of industries. We are a Xero Preferred Integrator.

Catalyst provides a full-service offering: scoping appropriate apps for our clients, full data migration, app implementation, complemented with a strong focus on training and ongoing support.

In 2015 we became Unleashed partners with our first client. We knew that Unleashed was already a top performer and undertook the Unleashed University course. Since then, we’ve found that the development of the software has been awesome and in line with customer requests. Today, we partner with over 20 accounting firms to support both app advisory for accountants and the implementation for their clients.

Surviving and thriving as a business

Good inventory management can mean the difference between success and failure for a business. If you hold too much stock you may run into cashflow issues. If you hold too little stock you may end up in a stock-out situation. Accurate record-keeping forms the basis for reporting and developing strategies for growth and better profitability in the future.

Our customers come from varied industries: food manufacturing, food and variety wholesalers, beer brewers, sheet metal manufacturers and more. Despite their differences, they all face the same challenge: inefficient inventory management systems. Many of our clients use outdated server-based software that does not integrate with an accounting package. As a result, they resort to keeping track of inventory on spreadsheets and use expensive accounting support to gather the information they require.

We recommend Unleashed Software because it’s accurate and works in real-time. This means our clients can generate reports in a timely manner using data they can trust. Unleashed also integrates with cloud accounting software to reduce data entry time and the margin for mistakes. As a cloud software, Unleashed is easily accessible anywhere, anytime on a device. The B2B portal has been a great inclusion and I look forward to learning more about the Business Intelligence module.

What is the Business Intelligence module?

The Business Intelligence (BI) module is a tool that generates live actionable insights from your inventory data. Instead of relying on stale reports to track performance, it enables you to monitor multiple live KPIs: across Inventory, Sales and Customers.

BI is launching in early 2020.

Unleashed is easy to use, always improving and their support is world-class — this makes it great value for money. It also integrates well with Xero. It’s customisable and easy to implement and identify errors. Unleashed has absolutely helped our clients grow.

The ROI of being an Unleashed Partner

Partnering with Unleashed has been straight-forward from the start. The onboarding was clear cut and the team have been super supportive. My partner manager, Daniel van der Heyden, the marketing department and the online support team have all been top-notch.

As a partner, I receive software updates in advance, making it easy to train new clients and easily support them post-training. It also helps that the software delivers on what it “says on the box”! We’ve found the partnership a good strategy to help grow both our business and the Unleashed subscription base.

Since partnering with Unleashed, we’ve expanded our staff numbers to accommodate significant growth in 2020. We’ve seen a massive increase in web traffic and we aim to translate that to projects in the coming weeks and months.

The cost of waiting on change

Change is difficult for some clients. In all cases, our preference is to identify that Unleashed encourages performance improvements in a business. It’s easy to use and is a small investment with a very short ROI where the benefits far outweigh the cost. If my clients believe moving to the cloud is not something they can commit to at the current time, they also need to understand the cost of waiting.

Integrated systems and accurate timely data underpin everything from growth opportunities, to succession planning, to product range analysis and more. Can a business afford not to change?

Learn more about being an Unleashed Partner

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Article by Melanie Chan in collaboration with our team of Unleashed Software inventory and business specialists. Melanie has been writing about inventory management for the past three years. When not writing about inventory management, you can find her eating her way through Auckland.

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