New Feature Release: Supplier Returns, Product Code Changes and much more..

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The most anticipated Unleashed release EVER!  This is our first major release of 2013: It includes two of the three most requested features from our user community.  There are many more exciting features as well, including a huge update to the API!

This release covers Supplier Returns, Product Change Codes, Clone Products, Tax and Warehose Edits on orders, Barcode Field on all Entry screens and much more!  The most exciting thing for us is to be able to deliver the most requested features from our community.  We hope you enjoy this release 🙂


Lite, Professional and Enterprise versions

  • Supplier Returns – This is one of the most requested features.  Supplier Returns gives you the ultimate flexability when reversing a receipted purchase order.  You can select which lines to return, the quantity and the price!  Also, choose whether you are returning the stock to your suppliers or not too.  This module is very powerful and at the very least will allow you to reverse a completed purchase order receipt.   Because Unleashed is built on accounting principles, all of your integration points flow through to Xero perfectly!
  • Barcode Product Selection – This amazing feature is the first step to full barcoding…  Now you can enter a Barcode when entering a sales product line or a purchase product line.  You have always been able to enter a line by code and/or description, so this enhancement is designed for all our users that hold barcode fileds and need to be able to use these when entering products on their documents.
  • 50 Day Terms – Another feature added based on user feedback.  The 50 day term can now be selected from the masterfile, or used when importing customers via CSV.  hint:  make sure to get the correct spelling of the term when using the customer import template.

Professional and Enterprise Versions

  • Product Change Codes – This feature shot up the ranks of our community voice very quickly!  So much so in fact that we had to deliver it fast!  I loved testing this feature.  It did exactly as the name describes – changes your product codes!.  But better yet, is the dev team also added the ability to do changes in bulk via csv, and also keep a full audit trail of all code changes.
  • Clone Product – Guess what….  another feature request!  This cool little addition allows you to easily create / copy a new product master from an existing product, purely by entering a new code and description
  • Sales Warehouse Unlock – This is one for our Magento users.  Many of you have multiple warehouses for fulfillment, which is great!  and now Unleashed will allow you to select an alternative warehouse to fulfill your order from after the order has been entered or imported.
  • Sales Tax Unlock – One of the strangest things we never realized was how online users needed the ability to change/alter the tax on an order after it had imported?  We still find it strange, however, it was easy enough to do so have included this request in our latest update.
  • Document Designer Upgrade – As promised, we will continue to build out the functions and fields that you request for our document designer.  You can now add both Customer Codes and GST / VAT fields to your documents plus show pricing on Packing Slips.  Some of you have requested we hold training seminars on document creation, and this is something we are keen to launch this month!  If you can’t wait, please let us know and we’ll see if we can expedite this awesome training course in the next couple of weeks.


All of these features will be demonstrated at our release webinars we will hold over the next two weeks.  Be sure to register on one of these 45 min presentations here:


Read the full release notes here.

I look forward to announcing our next exciting release very soon


Kindest Regards


CEO – Unleashed Software


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