Lighthouse Pools powers growth with Unleashed + Prospect combo

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A UK wholesaler serving the swimming pool industry, Lighthouse Pools has been using Unleashed for their inventory management, and recently integrated it with Prospect to add the CRM capabilities they needed to better manage their growth.

A big part of their need for Unleashed in the first place came from its powerful serial number tracking capabilities. With such high-value products, and long warranty periods, Lighthouse needed a reliable way to check, for example, that a product with a warranty claim against it hadn’t already been claimed on – or that the person claiming was the original purchaser.

“I also noticed that our staff were comfortable using Unleashed very quickly,” says Lighthouse Pools Sales Manager John Whiteside.

“Within a few days we realised it wad the right programme for us.”

Building business efficiency

“It really made a massive different in streamlining our processes”, adds Operations Manager Darren Peake. “Because those processes are built into the system, it’s very user friendly; it guides you.”

Darren also points out functionality like raising an order for future delivery, which then allocates – and ringfences – stock for that order. “It gives us a really good look into product availability.”

The company credits Prospect CRM for driving their customer growth, while Unleashed saves them “hours and hours” of time.

Says Managing director Daniel Phillips: “We couldn’t live without it.”

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