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Knowing what your supply chain is for your brewery is important, it encompasses your raw ingredients, packaging and any other items you bring into your system to use when creating your products. Your supply chain ends when your beer is in the hands of your retailer or consumer. It is a very fundamental step of the process that takes you into production, storage, distribution and sales. Keeping your beer supply chain flowing is just as difficult as finding the perfect brew. You must coordinate the purchase of raw materials, avoiding spoilage, cross contamination, extended cleaning and storage and space issues. Here we look at factors that help you better manage your beer supply chain.

Negotiate alternatives as a contingency plan

A lot of breweries supply demands are agricultural, meaning the impact of threats outside ones control such as weather affects availability. Brewers should search for alternative suppliers, but make certain they are paying attention to quality, service, technical support and ease of doing business. Do this now in order to be prepared for the unexpected.

Safety stock

One possible way of keeping ahead of the supply chain shortage game is to order supplies in higher quantities, which could ultimately reduce your overall costs. Monitoring and preventing spoilage of course is important, but if space is not an issue, it is certainly always better to carry safety stock.

Brewery inventory management software

A way to keep on top of all the aforementioned risks is to have a great brewery inventory management system. Breweries benefit from cloud inventory software as it helps to maximise grain-to-glass yield. Cloud inventory software helps you manage all of the brewery processes in a single centralised system in order to get accurate reports and help you make the right decisions and at the right time. Between the brewing process, batch tracking, recipe assembly and real time inventory management, there are an array of benefits that breweries can take advantage of from cloud inventory software. Great brewery inventory management can help none the less to simplifying perhaps manual and many other processes through one accurate and automated system creating efficiency and directly impacting on your brewery’s bottom line. These benefits include:

  • Manage the entire brewing process from start to finish
  • Keep a close eye on the expiry date of raw ingredients with batch tracking
  • Avoid cross contamination with recipe assembly
  • Access real-time analytics and integrate with other cloud-based software

With cloud inventory software, you can track all of your raw materials into finish goods. Check your inventory report to see how much hops you have left, and receiving an alert when it is time to reorder more grain. More importantly, get the right analytical data to see how much your beer is actually costing you, control your variables and show your profitability. Know exactly how many bottles of beers are going to be made with the amount of raw materials on hand. With cloud inventory software, manage your key ingredients and materials to the best of your capabilities to reap the rewards from your bubbly brew.

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