How Good Culture Kombucha thrived through lockdowns & Brexit

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When Denis Kelleher first set up Good Culture Kombucha he wanted to do it right. There was no point aiming for growth if that would only bring him growing pains, so he set up his UK-based kombucha ingredients business on Unleashed from day one.

“From the very first day that we started the business – for the very first order, the very first transaction – we used Unleashed,” says Denis. Using the system as their beverage inventory software platform from the get-go brought multiple benefits – with clean data and total business visibility a major plus.

As Denis puts it: “We’ve got a record of every single thing we’ve ever done in the business in one place.”

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Zero lockdown woes

Using Unleashed for purchasing, inventory control, production & sales order management – plus Xero for accounting and Prospect CRM for customer relationship management – means Good Culture Kombucha operates almost entirely through the cloud. Their business hasn’t been impacted by Covid lockdowns at all, which Denis credits to their up-to-date approach to technology.

“Unleashed has allowed me to work from anywhere in the world. I’ve been to Sydney, Australia, sitting in a coffee shop on the harbour checking Unleashed on my phone knowing what orders need to come in and go out that day.”

“It allows the whole team to work remotely from within the cloud during Covid. It hasn’t changed us one bit. Everyone works from where they want and it’s still perfect.”

The fastest growing beverage sector

Kombucha is now the fastest growing beverage sector in Europe. Having set up the right platforms for his business, Denis has enjoyed seeing the company ride the wave of kombucha’s popularity. And while he acknowledges that Brexit has been a major issue, he’s felt equipped to deal with the UK’s more complex and bureaucratic importing and exporting landscape.

“Over the next 12 months we’re going to grow the team quite a bit. All our customers are growing, we’re taking on new and bigger customers all the time. It’s a really exciting time.”

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