How Beever and Struthers Helped Fusion Paper Take the Plunge with Cloud Inventory Software

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When Fusion Paper decided it was time to ditch their legacy system and move to cloud inventory software, finance director Claire Gray-Nicholson attended a trade show to work out which solution would suit the business best – and came away even more confused.

So she turned to Beever and Struthers for advice, and ended up adopting Unleashed inventory management.

“It can be a bit daunting moving to some new software”, Claire says, “But when you think about how much it saves you… it’s worth every penny. I’d definitely say take the plunge – go for it – because you really will see the benefits, and it will just streamline your business.”

A simple product that can do complex things

John Toon, a senior manager at Beever and Struthers, spends time with clients to work out what problems they face and what the best solution is – and frequently finds that Unleashed comes out on top for inventory management.

He sees three reasons for this: it’s simple, easy to use, and has great integrations.

As John puts it: “It’s not an overly complex product, although it can do complex things.”

For Fusion Paper, that complex thing was receiving pallet loads of paper that they then cut down or repackaged into smaller bundles – a complexity their old system couldn’t deal with.

With Unleashed, that pain point – and all its associated admin – is now gone, and they can rely on Unleashed for accurate pricing and sales values, as well as managing purchase and sales orders.

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Competitively priced – but with all the benefits

Pricing was a major factor in Fusion Paper’s decision to move to Unleashed – and the fact that it came with all the features they needed.

“When we first started looking at cloud software, we were with Sage, so we did look at their Cloud option, but it was really expensive, and it felt a little bit over-engineered,”, Claire says, “whereas Unleashed did what we needed it to do, but it was much more competitively priced.”

Claire sees a major benefit in time-saving that allows staff to focus on more strategic goals: “It frees up time for you to be thinking about moving your business forward and growing your sales.”

Integrations to future-proof your business

Beevers and Struthers creates a timetable for implementing solutions and staggers its introduction of new systems so the process is not overwhelming for clients – and they follow up regularly to ensure everything is working as expected.

Fusion Paper, for instance, integrated Unleashed inventory management with Xero accounting software, then later added Prospect CRM – and since then has also added in credit control software and made updates to integrations with eCommerce providers Amazon and Shopify.

For advisors: a 5 minute video overview of Unleashed

It’s this ability to integrate with other systems that ensures Unleashed is future-proof – another core benefit Claire notes:

“That’s what I think is a really good benefit about Unleashed: the fact that you can integrate with all these other areas. So as your business grows, and you require new software to help you grow, Unleashed is there following you, and is ready to make that step with you.

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