November 24, 2016      2 min read

Hugh Cowan was a naturopath before he started Think Products. He saw there was a need in the Australian market for simple, genuinely healthy food snacks options.

Offering carefully selected nutritious snacks, Think Products emphasises quality over quantity. They want to make the decision of what snacks to buy a simple one for the customer, who can feel confident in what Think Products offers.

Think Products has tripled in size in the last three years, so Hugh can’t imagine running his business without Unleashed Software now. Think Products was importing and wholesaling mainly to independent retailers until getting a call from a major Australian supermarket about stocking their products, and things have only grown from there.

“The reporting is very good,” Hugh says about Unleashed. “Forecasting is a big part of my role, making sure that we can keep ideal inventory levels and look at the trends in our sales and therefore be prepared for future sales volumes.”

With their entire inventory being food products, the ability to track what is imported by batch tracking numbers allows Think Products to ensure they’re using the First in, First out (FIFO) methodology by using best before dates. It allows them to communicate clearly with their warehouse about which products need to be used first.

“The benefit for me is peace of mind” says Hugh, which is what Think Products aims to offer its customers too.
Unleashed provides the peace of mind that Think Products need in order to continue expanding their business. Try Unleashed and experience growth today.

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