July 10, 2018    < 1 min read

Garden Tractor Spares has been selling spare parts and repairing tractors for over 20 years and is now the largest online spares dealer, helping their clients find the exact parts for their garden tractors in the quickest time.

Today we have Ben Taylor, the Managing Director of Garden Tractor Spares, to share their journey with us!

Could you tell us a bit about what Garden Tractor Spares does?

At Garden Tractor Spares we supply tractor spare parts for ride on lawn mowers and garden tractors. It’s a specialist Agriculture industry and we are the largest online dealer of genuine spare parts.


Can you give us a brief history of your business?

My dad originally set up the business and ran it for 25 years. We then decided to make the business purely online 5 years ago.

What problems did you face before Unleashed?

Before Unleashed, every system we worked with was separate. We worked on MS Word, and our accounting, stock control and order system had to be updated separately. But now with Unleashed, everything ties into one system. With thousands of spare parts in stock, it was crucial to have a system that worked with each other.

What made you choose Unleashed?

We looked at a few options, but needed a software with the best integrations. We use an accounting and eCommerce software, so Unleashed was the best choice to bring everything together. With a variety of stock locations and so many items, organising purchase orders and the integration was the our main objective.

Since you’ve implemented Unleashed, how has it helped your business grow?

So far this year we have grown double digits, and have managed to maintain the same staffing level with Unleashed.

Our favourite feature has got to be the Xero integration. We found out about Unleashed Software from a Google search when looking at our options.

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