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When a surge in production demanded a more efficient approach to managing and tracking stock, California-based food manufacturer, Brandini Toffee, decided to look for a solution.

They needed food manufacturing software that could keep up with 30% year-on-year growth, optimize their production processes, and allow them to meet food safety regulations. So they turned to Unleashed.

“It’s growing with us,” says Brandini Toffee cofounder, Brandon Weimer. “We’re a small business, and I have confidence that we can be 10-times, 20-times larger and still rely on this software to support us with our inventory process.”

Everything you need in one place

From two teenagers with a simple toffee recipe and a website to a gourmet brand that’s made its way onto Oprah Winfrey’s O List, The Martha Stewart Show, and The Food Network – Brandon and his cofounder, Leah Post, have seen enormous growth since they started the business.

With growth, came challenges. More sales meant a greater need for accurate tracking of food production.

“Before Unleashed, we had a very disorganized production process,” says Brandon. “We were using paper documentation, handwritten logs … a lot of our information was falling through the cracks.” 

Unleashed brought all their processes into one central place, enabling full vision and control of their products.

“We enter raw goods into the system, and then from there we can produce our product, convert it to a new lot number, and trace it from start to distribution.”

End-to-end tracking for food manufacturing

“The batch-tracking feature was the first thing that got me excited about Unleashed,” explains Brandon. “I no longer had to worry about traceability of product.”

As a food manufacturer, Brandon is naturally concerned with meeting food safety regulations. He needs to know exactly which products came from which lots in case of a sudden product recall.

Unleashed acts as a fail-safe for Brandini Toffee, allowing them to mitigate the risk of a spoiled batch.

“Now we have comfort when going through facility audits and inspections by our wholesalers, and confidence that we have traceability start-to-finish.”

Food inventory software that scales with you

Brandini Toffee aren’t just food manufacturers; they’re also retailers and wholesalers of their products.

As such, they require a robust food inventory software system that’s easy to use.

“We chose Unleashed because it helps us with all sides of our business,” Brandon tells us. “What’s most appealing to me is the scalability, the simplicity. It’s an intuitive software you can teach it to many people.” 

A flexible system is key when it comes to optimizing productivity. Unleashed ticked all the right boxes for Brandon and his team.

“It’s cloud-based, which makes it easy to access from your cell phone, your office, or the production facility.”

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Article by Melanie Chan in collaboration with our team of Unleashed Software inventory and business specialists. Melanie has been writing about inventory management for the past three years. When not writing about inventory management, you can find her eating her way through Auckland.

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