How Can Breweries Benefit from Cloud Inventory?

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An important aspect of running a successful and profitable brewery is the reduction of waste and the streamlining of brewing processes. Having meaningful control over the flow of production mandates having accurate control over the ingredients and essential stock. For all inventory management practices, getting the right balance between too much and too little can be a challenging task. Too much stock can lead to excessive spoilage, undermining the profitability of the business; and too little often means missed opportunities for sales or even incomplete orders. Getting this balance right is a huge and important step towards overall efficiency. Cloud inventory software offers a powerful and affordable solution for breweries looking to stay on top of the daily management of stock and materials. From timely ordering to accurate batch and ingredient management, better inventory control can lead to better control over business profitability and efficiency.

With that in mind, let’s jump in and explore some of the top benefits that cloud software solutions can provide for breweries.

Subscription instead of purchase

For many small or start-up breweries, having the option to subscribe to inventory software rather than purchase outright creates an opportunity to direct much-needed capital elsewhere. With many Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions offering relatively small subscription costs, businesses can get up and running easier without having to compromise on quality services.

As SaaS solutions house and update the application at their end, many businesses are able to operate with significantly less IT consulting involvement.

Access real-time analytics and data

A seriously useful tool for breweries, having the ability to access real-time data and analytics is made easy with many cloud software solutions. Log in from anywhere and keep an eye on stock levels or analyze batch data.

Ordering and stock control

Running out of urgently needed stock and materials is a nightmare for brewers. With orders piling up and valued customers relying on your product, no one wants to be left scrambling to get stock in tomorrow that you needed yesterday.

Many cloud brewery inventory solutions will have ordering and safety stock functionality, or min/max reorder reporting, to help brewers streamline inventory management.

Effective control over raw materials

Raw materials are the lifeblood of a brewer’s craft; everything fresh that goes into the product has a shelf life. Having effective control over the ordering, stocking and use of raw materials is therefore an essential tool for breweries.

Many cloud software solutions offer excellent control and ease of access over everything in the brewery supply chain. With mobile access to real-time data, adjustable and targeted safety stock requirements, and breakdowns of batch costs and order cycles, cloud software ticks all the boxes.

Mobile access and barcode technology

While not exclusively a cloud software innovation, mobile access is well utilized by many leading SaaS solutions. Brewers can now log on via tablet to manage stock from any mobile device, anywhere.

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