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Track and manage your Zoey store’s inventory more accurately and efficiently .


Efficient and easy inventory management for your Zoey stores

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How it works

Zoey empowers merchants and web agencies to create advanced online stores quickly and easily. Integrating with Unleashed gives you a complete solution for creating superior shopping experiences for your customer, while managing inventory and orders with pin-point accuracy and efficiency.

Easy Set up

Easily integrate Zoey and Unleashed with just a few clicks, allowing you to get up and running without interruption to your business.

Automated Stock Updates

Zoey and Unleashed’s cloud-based architecture means your inventory levels are automatically updated in Unleashed at regular intervals. This ensures you’ll always have an accurate view into stock levels and sales figures.

Advanced Sales Reporting

Unleashed brings highly accurate sales reporting to your business. With insight into margins, profit and losses, you’ll be armed with critical insights that can help you grow your business. Sales reports are also customizable, allowing you to look only at the data that’s most important to you.

Customer Sync

When Zoey and Unleashed are integrated, customer data automatically syncs between the two systems. When you sell something on your Zoey site, that customer’s data is automatically sent to Unleashed, saving you time and effort.


Invoices are automatically imported into Unleashed from Zoey, saving you from tedious data entry. If you’ve integrated your accounting system with Zoey and Unleashed, a receivable will be created, allowing you to invoice and reconcile the sale without needing to recreate it in your account system.


Zoey allows customisable design for users to control their experience. Some of the features include:

  • Free, mobile-friendly themes
  • Code-free design
  • Built in industry-leading marketing and conversion tools
  • Sitewide HTTPS and PCI compliance
  • Unlimited bandwidth

About Zoey

Zoey is an advanced ecommerce platform that blends the ease of use of SaaS technology with the power and flexibility of open source solutions. Zoey empowers merchants and web agencies to create, manage and grow sophisticated online stores faster and more easily than ever before. With enterprise-grade features and hundreds of integrations, all at an affordable price, Zoey is there to scale with your business as it grow.

Visit Zoey to learn more.

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Advanced ecommerce that doesn’t require tens of thousands of dollars and an army of developers.




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