Wink Reports

Customized dashboards & reports for complete, real-time visibility across your business


Wink Reports

How it works

Wink Reports creates customized dashboards & reports that seamlessly integrate Unleashed with your other existing software, giving you complete, real-time visibility across your business.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly connect all your cloud-based accounting, job management, sales and marketing systems with Unleashed to generate custom reports.

Better business decisions

Make better business decisions in real time, with the most up to date information. Once all your software is connected to Wink Reports you can see how marketing spend is paying off in traffic to your website; leads in your CRM; sales in your POS; stock movement in Unleashed; and jobs on the go, all on one dashboard!

Customized reports for your business needs

Have the reports you need when you need it, no more waiting or admin time to create the reports you need for your business.

Accessibility anytime, anywhere

Access it from your desktop or mobile, Wink Reports lets you log in from anywhere and see all of your business reports in real-time.


Wink Reports allows tailored design and deliver. Some of the features include:

  • Beautiful graphs
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Export to excel
  • Save as PDF
  • Schedule emails directly to your inbox or into Slack.

About Wink Reports

Wink Reports is an Australian-based software development company. They are dedicated to unlocking business’ data and delivering valuable insights into key business metrics, no matter what system you use.

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What is Wink Reports

Customisable Unleashed and other add-on dashboards and reports with the ability to schedule them to your inbox and Slack


Wink Reports


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