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Sell more, faster. Automate order processing & inventory management

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How it works

Stockist is the sales platform for wholesalers. When you combine Stockist with Unleashed, your orders get sent instantly to Unleashed. This gives huge time-savings, and means you’ve enabled real-time inventory management!

Use Stockist to sell more, faster. You can manage your digital product catalogs, accept online orders, make sales orders faster, take orders on a mobile device, automate orders with EDI integration and more.

All sales orders are instantly posted to Unleashed, so that you have real-time stock updates for inventory management.

Intuitive Setup

You can be up and running in minutes with a few easy-to-follow steps to integrate Unleashed and Stockist. Integrating Stockist with Unleashed is free. There’s no additional cost, you only need to pay your subscription costs for Stockist and Unleashed.

Real-time stock updates

The Stockist order management integration updates Unleashed with your orders in real-time. This means you gain real-time visibility into your stock movements right down to the profit and loss and balance sheet level in Unleashed.

Customers in-sync

When an order is created in Stockist, your customers are sent through to Unleashed to save you having to re-enter their data.

What information is shared via the Connector?

  • Sales orders – orders from Stockist are sent to Unleashed as a sales order immediately. Furthermore, on a daily basis a system check is done to make sure all orders were delivered successfully. Your product codes, stock, prices, the customer, delivery address and warehouse are synced with Unleashed.
  • Products – products are imported on a daily basis from Unleashed. Additional product, shipping and other costs added to the order in Stockist are synced with Unleashed.
  • Stock and Warehouses – stock levels are imported every 15 minutes from Unleashed from all of your warehouses. Real-time stock levels are maintained in Unleashed, since Stockist posts your orders to Unleashed in real-time.
  • Customers – customers are imported on a daily basis from Unleashed. New customers created in Stockist are added to Unleashed when your customer places their first order.
  • Taxes – sales tax configurations are imported on a daily basis from Unleashed. The appropriate tax rates for each customer’s order are sent with the order from Stockist to Unleashed.

About Stockist

Stockist is a sales platform for wholesalers. Use Stockist to distribute digital product catalogs, accept online orders, sell faster with telesales & mobile sales, integrate and automate EDI orders, all seamlessly integrated with Unleashed.

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