Inventory Management

Maximise efficiency with this QuickBooks inventory management integration. Enjoy automated stock tracking, real-time data and analytics reporting, and always-accurate records.

Simple QuickBooks inventory management

Integrate easily with QuickBooks

Get set up in seconds. Automatically sync tax codes from QuickBooks and export your sales data in real time.

No-fuss accurate stock control

Enjoy fewer headaches and fewer discrepancies with simple-to-use automations that improve your stock control.
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Simplified stocktaking

Perform a rolling stock take with Unleashed so that other staff members can keep working while you count.

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Create a single source of truth

Synchronise data across the entire company in real time, from anywhere, with 30+ plug-and-play integrations.

inventory software tracking feature

Total stock visibility when you need it

Track the locations and stock levels of items in real time. Make better decisions with advanced custom reporting.

Replace admin with automation

Automate your workflows and slash admin time – take the stress out of accurate inventory accounting.

How our QuickBooks inventory management software works

The QuickBooks Online inventory management integration gives you full control and total visibility of your business.

Check out this quick explainer video to see how QuickBooks inventory management works in Unleashed, or read our Quickbooks Inventory Software Guide.

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How Unleashed optimises your
QuickBooks inventory tracking

Dive into the details below to learn what the Unleashed QuickBooks Online inventory integration can do for your business.

Perpetual Stock Updates

Stock adjustments from QuickBooks Online are instantly reflected in Unleashed to provide financial clarity and full visibility over your inventory and sales updates. Reduced manual data entry improves inventory and reporting accuracy, saving you time and money every month.

Payable Transactions Updates

Unleashed sends payable transactions for payment and reconciliation to QuickBooks Online whenever you receive stock. Purchase orders created in Unleashed will create a Bill in QuickBooks for the related supplier, and adding suppliers in Unleashed will also add them to QuickBooks Online. This ensures both systems are up to date and consistent at all times.

Instant Reconciliation

QuickBooks Online automatically and securely reconciles your transactions with Unleashed to prevent discrepancies and save you hours of manual admin work. Review reconciliations in QuickBooks Online whenever you like to ensure perfect accuracy.

Receivable Updates

Anytime you complete a sale in Unleashed that information is sent through to QuickBooks Online. Adding customers and sales invoices in Unleashed also creates new customers and invoices in QuickBooks. As stock moves, Unleashed updates the stock value and cost of sale in QuickBooks Online to ensure your profit reports are correct.

About QuickBooks

QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based accounting software built by Intuit. It offers a range of useful financial tools for small- and medium-sized businesses.

QuickBooks Online users can enjoy:

What Unleashed software users are saying

“It’s where all of our other systems meet. We have a CRM system, an accounting system, a third-party logistics system – and all of those pivot around Unleashed as a central core.”

Helen Lyon
CEO of Puremedic Health, Australia

“Unleashed made a massive difference in streamlining our processes. Those processes are built into the system [so] it’s very user friendly; it guides you.”

Darren Peake
Operations Manager at Lighthouse Pools, UK

“We’re operating with fewer staff and trying to be more efficient in our processes. Unleashed has definitely helped – what took half a day to get done can now be finished in an hour.”

Matt Beckett

Managing Director of Blokarts, New Zealand
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QuickBooks inventory
management FAQs

QuickBooks do not offer a standalone inventory system. However, QuickBooks Online comes with some inventory tracking features that may be useful to new businesses with a small range of SKUs to manage.

To add inventory in QuickBooks, you must first turn on Inventory Tracking from Account and settings > Sales > Products and services > Edit. Then go to Get paid & pay then select Products & services. Click New or Add a product or service. Select Inventory. Enter product details (name, SKU, category) and hit Save.

Unleashed inventory management software seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks to create one of the best inventory management and accounting solutions for businesses. Reduce your admin time by hours every week and gain total stock visibility and accuracy with Unleashed + QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks values inventory using the weighted average cost method. Inventory value is calculated by dividing the number of the sum of the cost of all inventory items by the quantity of items.