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Inventory management software that
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Whether it’s your first inventory platform or an upgrade, you’ll unlock all-new levels of productivity with Unleashed’s inventory management features

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There’s no need to down tools at stock take time, thanks to Unleashed’s rolling stock takes. And because it’s always up to date, you don’t need stock counts for visibility – just end-of-year reports.

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Industry-leading batch, lot & serial tracking features let you confidently track and trace parts, ingredients or finished products from purchase, through manufacturing, sales, and beyond.

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Unleashed updates the average landed cost of products with each transaction, factoring in extra costs like labour, freight & duties. That means accurate financial records – and reliable profit margins.

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Run a truly global operation, whether that means using multiple warehouses – either your own or 3PLs – working across different currencies – or buying and selling between imperial & metric units.

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Easily report on suppliers, product groups, warehouses, bin locations and more – or use the built-in Business Intelligence module to slice and dice your data – and create custom dashboards and KPIs.

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Plug-and-play compatibility with 1D barcode readers, scanners & mobile apps lifts efficiency and accuracy across your business: from receipting purchases, to counting stock and processing sales shipments.

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Unleashed automatically updates all your connected tools – like eCommerce platforms and CRMs – with accurate stock levels, so all your sales channels are on the same page – and your customers stay happy.

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Flexible product management

Record all your important product information, from size, weight & images, to detailed documentation managed in your central file library. Perfect for those with audit trails to maintain.

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Real-time inventory control

Unleashed is a perpetual inventory management system that reflects your stock position in real time.

All your stock movements are updated as they happen – whether that’s goods coming in or out of your business, moving between locations, or being used up in production – so you always know what stock you have, and where it is.

Forecast demand to predict your inventory needs

Unleashed’s Advanced Inventory Manager (AIM) module auto-detects an optimal min-max level for every item in your business, based on your own unique lead times and rate of use. AIM lets you set custom levels for different locations – keeping your stock in a healthy range and saving you thousands – while powerful inventory planning software features, including a full inventory forecasting system, help you model your future needs.

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How Unleashed inventory management software works

Learn more about Unleashed’s inventory control software features in the pages below

Batch Tracking / Lot Tracking

Take the administration out of product traceability. Keep an eye on expiry dates at a quick glance so you can act quickly.

Learn more about Batch Tracking / Lot Tracking with Unleashed

Product Management

Centralise your inventory information for all of your sales channels – and keep up-to-date product records for all your goods.

Learn more about product management with Unleashed

Serial Number Tracking

High-quality products require high-quality service. Never lose sight of your most valuable products with comprehensive audit trails and serial number tracking that make warranties and after sales servicing easy.

Learn more about serial number tracking with Unleashed

Barcode Scanning

Eliminate errors & save time with barcode scanning. Receipt, count and check stock in an instant by adding a barcode scanner to your Unleashed setup — giving you increased accuracy and speed for your inventory and sales processes.

Learn more about barcode scanning with Unleashed

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Inventory management software FAQs​

Questions we get asked the most about Unleashed’s inventory management software functionality

Inventory management software is a programme – usually hosted and accessed via the cloud – that creates a digital twin for all the products, parts or ingredients in a business. That online record includes details such as the value, age, location, quantity and dimensions for each product – as well as data on suppliers and customers, including all purchases and sales. With accurate and up-to-date inventory records companies can prevent both over- and under-stocking and see widespread efficiency gains and financial management.

Based on a comparison of 70+ brands on Capterra, the average cost of an inventory management system is USD$175 per user license, per month. Unleashed is significantly more affordable, with monthly user licenses priced at USD$88 per month on its most common plan. 

Other costs for inventory management software include customer support fees, which are often billed separately. Expect to pay around USD$80 per month for a support package. 

Inventory management software works by creating a ‘digital twin’ of a company’s real-world inventory – as well as records for sales, purchases and any manufacturing. 

This live inventory tracking largely removes the need for stocktaking. For example when new stock is purchased and arrives at the warehouse a barcode scanner is used to record its arrival, with the inventory management software system updating the stock count for those products – along with details such as the stock’s location, purchase price & any additional variable costs such as transport fees, the date of its arrival and even its physical dimensions. 

Equally, when a sale is made this process runs in reverse, with the stock count for the items sold being reduced and further details such as sale prices captured. 

Finally, if stock is used in a manufacturing process inventory management software will reduce the stock held for all the components or ingredients as these are consumed, and increase the stock count of the new product being created. 

Inventory management software will also update accounting records in real time, allowing for much more accurate financial management in companies that buy and sell physical goods. 

Inventory management software lets businesses keep stockholding costs to a minimum by matching their demand to the level of inventory held for every different part or product across multiple warehouses – while simultaneously maintaining high customer service levels by preventing stock outs.  

It does this by automatically prompting users to created and send purchase orders when stock levels drop to a specific ‘reorder point’ or minimum stock level. 

Other key tasks for inventory management software include: 

  • Gathering and processing sales orders and managing order fulfillment (also known as the ‘pick, pack and dispatch’ process). 
  • Planning for production via documents known as bills of materials. 
  • Record-keeping and reporting. 
  • Document management – from printing shipping labels to storing sales orders. 
  • Recording details of suppliers, customers and shipping carriers. 
  • Maintaining live records of the location of each inventory item by tracking internal stock movements. 
  • Recording a lot or serial number for every batch or individual inventory item. 
  • Facilitating drop shipments directly from suppliers. 
  • Integrating with third party websites via API, for example shipping integrations or distributors, retailers or supermarkets. 
  • Removing manual data entry and errors through automated workflows plus integrations with existing tools. 

For an in-depth explanation of what inventory management software does, see the Unleashed Guide to Inventory Management Systems.

There are multiple ways to do this. One way is to use the Unleashed stock-on-hand enquiry report. You can also use an item inquiry report to gain an understanding of stock availability data. Stock can be reserved for a sales order or a manufacturing process – and Unleashed gives you the necessary insight into how much stock is available.

We use the average landed costs methodology only. This methodology is at the heart of Unleashed’s perpetual inventory management system. Obviously you are free to use FIFO/LIFO principles in terms of physical stock movement (but not when costing).

Yes, you can use warehouse transfers to transfer stock between multiple locations. You can also do a manual stock adjustment to maintain stock counts if stock is written off. Furthermore, Unleashed’s stock-on-hand (SOH) report allows you to understand how much stock is available for a particular product in all locations. This is perfect for customer enquiries to ensure you don’t miss out on a sale if the stock actually available, yet in a different location.

As soon as you start holding stock you need to have batch and serial numbers associated with this stock (if applicable). It depends how products are brought into Unleashed. If you are bringing stock in through a purchase order, serial and batch numbers must be added at the time of receipt. If you are doing an adjustment, you need to add a batch or serial number when you are completing the adjustment. If you are doing a credit, then you need to advise what you are bringing in via the credit. Note: Using batch or serial tracking for each product is not mandatory.

Yes, you can see a full transaction history of when the serial and batches were created, when the product(s) were actually sold, used, or deleted.