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Optimise Sales
with Prospect CRM and Unleashed

Increase the value and quantity of your orders and fulfil them more efficiently. Seamlessly integrate stock-aware CRM with inventory management software for a complete sales system.

Grow faster, get more customers and increase AOV

More customer loyalty, less churn

Keep repeat sales high and customer churn low. Easily segment customers by order recency, frequency, and monetary value (RFM).

Optimise your entire sales process

Connect marketing and sales with live product data. Increase sales and and delight customers with a fully integrated sales system. 

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Hassle-free B2B trading

Spend less time answering sales questions. Give your B2B customers accurate stock data with the built-in Unleashed B2B portal.

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Intelligent reporting and analytics

Understand key correlations between sales, customer segments, and inventory control at a glance with real-time, accurate data insights.

End-to-end product traceability

 Unleashed helps you manage raw materials, product lots, and SKUs. Batch and serial number tracking take the stress out of product recalls.

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Smart production planning

Allocate stock to future assemblies and set minimum reorder quantities for products so you’re reminded before you need them.

Seamless CRM inventory management integration in minutes

Slash admin time and boost profits effortlessly. The Unleashed & Prospect CRM inventory management integration gives bulk-product businesses a fully optimised sales system that updates itself in real time.

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Puremedic Health lifts sales by 100% with Unleashed & Prospect

Helen Lyon, CEO of Melbourne-based probiotic manufacturing company, Puremedic Health, explains how integrating Unleashed and Prospect has helped them boost revenue by 100% in this short video. Read the full customer story.

What's to love about this B2B CRM
and stock control solution?

Dive into the details to learn how automated customer and inventory management can benefit your business.

Integrated Ops, Sales, & Marketing

Prospect CRM turns Unleashed data into specific insights and suggested actions to increase average order value, order frequency and customer lifetime value – eliminating any disconnect between inventory management and CRM.

Data Synchronisation

By connecting your Unleashed with Prospect CRM, data from each system will be in constant communication. Any changes made in one system — like adding new accounts or making a sale — will be instantly updated in the other, meaning your team has access to the most up to date picture

Maximum Customer Retention

With unique tools like RFM Analysis, The Magic Matrix and P.A.I.G.E. (Prospect AI Growth Engine), you’ll stay more than one step ahead, all the time. Prospect is the only CRM that focuses on customer retention, repeat orders, and cross-selling.

Optimised B2B Sales

Streamline your sales pipeline to accelerate B2B sales success and acquire and close new customers more efficiently. Even just a small increase in new business close rate can have a big impact on business growth over time. Unleashed’s B2B inventory management functionality and eCommerce portal perfectly align with Prospect’s B2B-focused stock-aware system.

About Prospect CRM

Prospect is a stock-aware, business-to-business CRM system designed to help wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors optimise their entire sales process.

Prospect users can enjoy:

What Unleashed users are saying

“Despite the increasing complexity of our operation, we’re now more efficient and streamlined than we’ve ever been.”

Tom Riley
Managing Director at WhiteWash Laboratories

“What I love about Unleashed is that it enables us to scale. The systems we’ve implemented can grow with us—it gives us the flexibility we need.”

Helen Lyon
CEO of Puremedic Health

“It functions in a way that’s far superior to what we expected. Everything’s on hand on the dashboard, it’s easy to see [and] easy to get information.”

Greg Hall
Founder of Kohu Road Ice Cream
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Common questions about CRM inventory management

CRM systems are designed to manage customer data used primarily by sales and support teams, whereas inventory management systems are designed to manage stock and fulfilment data used primarily by warehousing, retailing, manufacturing, and delivery teams.

An integrated CRM inventory management system is software designed to automate the entire sales, inventory, and fulfilment process to maximise efficiency and save time in product-based businesses.

CRM systems are used to assist businesses with the management and tracking of key customer information, such as contact details, interactions with sales, and marketing segments. Its purpose is to boost Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) through improved customer relationships and better-targeted campaigns.

CRM systems can help with inventory management by synchronising sales and purchasing information with key customer information. This allows for optimised reporting, a streamlined sales process, and improved customer loyalty – all of which help your business make more sales.