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Why not have your CRM provided by the same company as your Unleashed? Take advantage of deeper integration from both sides, and benefit from working with teams that work together every day for their customers.

The #1 CRM for B2B Product Businesses

How it works

Prospect CRM’s market-leading integration with Unleashed gives your customer-facing teams clear visibility of customers, current orders and sales, as well as your stock and inventory. 

Integrating Prospect and Unleashed unlocks the power of your data, giving you tighter control over your operations. Learn more about Prospect CRM for Unleashed.

Customer Success Stories

Join thousands of other Unleashed users already growing their B2B product  
business with Prospect, the official CRM for Unleashed! 

Why Prospect CRM?

Get More Customers

Optimise your sales pipeline to accelerate your B2B sales success and acquire and close new customers more efficiently. Even just a small increase in new business close rate can have a big impact on business growth over time.

Beat Your Competition

With unique tools like RFM Analysis, The Magic Matrix and P.A.I.G.E. (Prospect AI Growth Engine), you’ll stay more than one step ahead, all the time. Prospect is the only CRM that focuses on customer retention, repeat orders, and cross-selling.

Connect Ops with Sales & Marketing

Prospect CRM turns Unleashed data into specific insights and suggested actions to increase average order value, order frequency and customer lifetime value – eliminating any disconnect between Inventory Management and CRM.

Get Immediate Updates

By connecting your Unleashed with Prospect CRM, data from each system will be in constant communication. Any changes made in one system — like adding new accounts or making a sale — will be instantly updated in the other, meaning your team has access to the most up to date picture.

About ProspectSoft Ltd

ProspectSoft is an award-winning UK-based CRM company, part of the ERP Division at The Access Group alongside Unleashed. They create, develop and sell their CRM solution to more than 5,000 SME users worldwide. They’re also ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified.

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What is Prospect?

Prospect Stock-Aware CRM is perfect for Wholesalers, Distributors & Manufacturers who sell products from stock B2B and use Unleashed.


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