Prospect + Unleashed

Wholesalers, Distributors and Manufacturers know that selling physical products B2B involves unique operational challenges, meaning ordinary CRM’s fall short. Stock-Aware CRM is different.


Where ordinary CRM ends, Stock-Aware CRM is just getting started

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How it works

Prospect Stock-Aware CRM is perfect for Wholesalers, Distributors & Manufacturers who sell products from stock B2B and use Unleashed. It integrates product, inventory and customer data to streamline your B2B processes, increase sales and improve customer service. By connecting Prospect to Unleashed, valuable customer and stock information is extracted and shared with your customer-facing teams, allowing them to take orders and generate quotes using our beautiful quote generator, before pushing them straight through to Unleashed to be confirmed.

Unlike ordinary CRM, Stock-Aware users can check stock, review customers’ current and past orders, provide quotations and even take a new order instantly – all from their browser. With access to customers’ sales history and credit limits, as well as any special pricing or discounts, your Sales team are empowered with the right information at their fingertips, enabling them to be more effective and efficient, whilst offering an enhanced customer experience.

Because our powerful integration with Unleashed reduces re-keying, speeds information flow and increases accuracy, Stock-Aware managers are also empowered with the control and insights that let them make better business decisions.

Businesses who use (or trial) Prospect see the benefits and get a return on investment from day 1. Immediately after setting up the integration to Unleashed, users have access to critical customer information. The CRM is automatically populated with records of existing customers and their purchases, with products, inventory/stock levels, plus pricing and terms.

As well as the critical data being available, we have carefully crafted a user experience in which we surface the key analysis in a useful, easy and intuitive way. Users can see which customers are buying more or less than previously, who’s stopped buying completely, and which customers are new. We clearly identify which customers are in need of help and which ones might want to buy more.

Prospect gives wholesalers and distributors real control and accurate, up-to-date information through the full B2B product sales cycle – from Marketing, Sales Lead Management, Stock-Checks, Quoting, Ordering, After-Sales Service and Business Intelligence…so the benefits can be felt by everyone in the business.

For 2, 20, or 200 users, Prospect is a fully scalable, cloud-based CRM platform with simple, no-nonsense pricing starting from just £20 per user per month. Why not trial Prospect integrated to Unleashed for 21 days? Visit to sign up for free.

About ProspectSoft Ltd

ProspectSoft is an award-winning UK-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and eCommerce software-as-a-service (SaaS) company. We create, develop and sell our software services to more than 5,000 SME users worldwide. We are also ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified and are a Microsoft Gold DevOps and Gold Cloud Platform Partner.

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