Magento inventory management with Unleashed

Manage your Magento store and inventory more efficiently with real-time visibility of your sales and stock levels. The must-have integration for multichannel Magento sellers.


Maximise workplace productivity: Magento inventory management with Unleashed

Please be aware that this managed integration is for Magento only, not Magento 2. Any connection between Magento 2 and Unleashed will need to be developed by a third party. Unleashed cannot guarantee the functionality of third-party solutions.

How it works

Magento is the most powerful and flexible open source eCommerce platform in the market today. When you combine Magento with Unleashed, you create a powerful and engaging global platform that provides you with the clear and customisable data you need to connect with your customers, and ensures you are fully equipped to respond to their needs. Use Magento to segment your customer base and tailor their shopping experience, while using Unleashed to manage your inventory and ensure you deliver your customers orders accurately and efficiently.

Intuitive Set up

Integrate Unleashed and Magento and get up and running in seconds with a click of your mouse. Integrating Magento with Unleashed doesn’t cost you a thing, you only need to pay your subscription fees for Magento and Unleashed.

Perpetual Stock Updates

Being cloud-based, this eCommerce integration updates Unleashed on a regular basis. This means you gain increased visibility into all your stock movements right down to the profit and loss and balance sheet level.


Automatically synchronise contacts. Simply create a sale in Magento, and let Unleashed pull your customers through to save you having to re-enter their data.

Sales Reporting

Accurate margin and sales reporting. Integrating Magento with Unleashed lets you gain visibility over how much profit you stand to make from sales, and provides you with a customisable reporting tool that lets you select which data is most appropriate for your business requirements.


Invoices are pulled from Magento into Unleashed, eliminating the need to re-enter sales data. If your accounting system is also integrated, a receivable will be created. This means you can easily invoice and reconcile the sale with no need to recreate the sale in your accounting system.

Operate Multiple Storefronts

If you are responsible for more than one eCommerce website, you can manage multiple storefronts through Magento. This will sync your data through to Unleashed, giving you visibility of allocated and available stock.

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