Unleashed + GMDH Streamline

Sales/Demand Forecasting and Just-in-Time Inventory Planning for Distributors and Manufacturers


Prevent overstocks, avoid stockouts, optimise your investment in inventory, and boost profits

How it works

Align supply with future customer demand

Streamline tells you how much to purchase and when providing either a monthly replenishment strategy to ease ordering or a min/max replenishment strategy to lower carrying costs. It generates replenishment suggestions and creates a purchase order plan that can be exported into Unleashed as a set of automatically created purchase orders.

Ensure optimal use of capital

Streamline ensures that you are not overbuying, storing, and tying up capital unnecessarily while also ensuring you have sufficient inventory to prevent stockouts. Safety stock is calculated based on desired service level (per SKU or per company), forecast error, and lead time variability, helping to ensure an optimal safety stock. Streamline highlights issues with low or excess inventory and then provides purchasing recommendations. The projected inventory level can also highlight exceptions, such as shortfalls, potential stockouts, and excess stock.

Seamless integration

In order to import your Unleashed data into Streamline, just enter your API ID and API Key. These credentials are available on your Unleashed API Access page.


GMDH LLC has brought together a team of leading experts in the fields of data analysis, software engineering, business forecasting, and supply chain management. We help businesses to achieve their goals by providing advanced demand-planning and inventory-optimization solutions and help maximize return on capital investments.

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What is GMDH Streamline

GMDH Streamline is an advanced demand planning and inventory optimisation solution for distributors and manufacturers.




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