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software to support your customer pricing

Showcase your great products and services with customisable sales quotes. Save time across the company by automatically filling out quotes with live data

sales quote software

Effortless quotes for a smoother pipeline

Unleashed automatically populates quotes with live inventory data and up-to-date customer details, so you can be confident in what you send.

Cut Down Processing Time

Turn agreed sales quotes into active sales orders with a single click. It’s more efficient, cuts down on manual errors, and gives your team more time with customers. Your sales team will thank you when they no longer have to double handle data.

Clone Quotes

Got a repeat customers? Save time by cloning previous quotes and just updating what’s necessary.

Stay on Top of Open Quotes

Know what quotes are open and which are close to expiring. Your Unleashed dashboard will keep you accountable and organised.

Achieve complete clarity

Give your customers everything they need to know about your products and costs so they can make informed decisions.

Showcase Discounts

Give customers quotes with their assigned discounts automatically applied. Trying to make a specific sale? Apply new discounts across the whole quote or on particular products.

Bespoke Templates to Suit Customers Needs

Improve client relationships by building sales quotes that cater to their specific needs. With the Unleashed Document Designer, you can produce bespoke templates and assign them to your customers.

Improve accuracy across the board

Using Unleashed throughout your entire business has a positive knock-on effect. Base your quotes on facts, not guesswork, by making it easy for purchasing and inventory managers to maintain accurate records.

Better Reporting

Monitor and analyse sales performance by assigning salespeople to quotes. Utilise Unleashed reporting and know how each member of staff is doing.

Better quotes with a stock-aware CRM

Do you need to send a lot of quotes to generate lots of orders? Improve staff efficiency by making it easy to create accurate, attractive quotes… and remove buyer friction with our optimised Quote-to-Order Workflow.
Better quotes with a stock-aware CRM
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