Batch Tracking

Take the administration out
of product traceability.

Keep an eye on expiry dates at a quick glance so you can act quickly.


Traceability made easy

We know manually tracking your raw materials is a time-consuming process. With Unleashed you can quickly track and trace all your products with ease.

  • Easy set up
    Simply set batch numbers to your products when you initially set them up in Unleashed.
    Track your products end-to-end, from the raw materials to the sale of finished products.

Efficiently manage materials

Managing raw materials is fundamental to production efficiency. Select the oldest batch in your inventory to efficiently manage raw materials or components.

  • Visibility at a quick glance
    Unleashed Dashboard gives you a summary of which batches are due to expire so you can act quickly.
    Reduce wastage and save costs when you have complete visibility over the conditions of your products. Make informed decisions to use or sell products efficiently.

Meet compliance requirements

Traceability is key in ensuring your products meet quality and safety requirements. Confidently keep track of your inventory with Unleashed’s batch tracking.

    Use the Batch Numbers Enquiry to generate reports for an overview of product movement. With complete knowledge about your product movement, you can recall them quickly and send out warnings more efficiently should the need arise.

Batch Tracking FAQ

Contact us today if you have more questions about how Batch Tracking can work for your business.

  • At what stage should I assign a batch (lot) number to my product / raw materials?

    For every batch tracked products, it is required to add batch number to your product as soon as you have it on hand. If you are bringing stock in through a purchase order, batch numbers can be added at the time of receipt. You will also be required to add a batch number when you are completing a stock adjustment or stocktake.

  • How can I record batch numbers against a product?

    You can assign batch tracking numbers when you initially set up your products in Unleashed. For existing product in Unleashed that you have not set batch numbers against, you can enter the batch tracking number when you turn batch tracking on for the product, or you can import the batch numbers directly into Unleashed.

    Note: Batch tracking feature has to be enabled in your Company Settings and in the Attributes section of each product required to be batch tracked.

  • Do you offer an audit trail on batch number(s)

    Yes, you can see a full transaction history of when the serial and batches were created, when the product(s) were actually sold, used, or adjusted as out of stock. You can also see customer and supplier information the data is exported.

  • What other information can I attached to a batch number?

    You can attach dedicated quantity and expiry date information to a batch number.


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