May 20, 2016    < 1 min read

What are Never Diminishing products?

Never diminishing products are those things that you’d like to include on sales orders —lines that you expect the customer to pay— such as freight, duties, excise, fees etc., that you do not stock.

never diminishing

This screenshot illustrates how Never Diminishing products are activated on the Add Products Details tab. The orange border highlights where you can switch it on.

How to create Never Diminishing products in Unleashed

  1. Simply create a product
  2. Go to the Details tab
  3. Select the Never Diminishing Product check-box on that product
  4. When it is enabled a dialogue box will appear asking you to confirm, click OK.
  5. You can now make products you stock ‘’Never Diminishing.’’ To do this you must sell all your On-Hand Quantity, or do a stock adjustment to remove all quantity and value for that product code. You then simply select the ‘Never-Diminishing check box.

See Never Diminishing Products for more information.