Setting up Prefixes in your Unleashed account

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Before you start doing any transactions in Unleashed, we recommend that you nominate both the purchase order number prefixes and start numbers for your transactions.


Because Unleashed is an auditable system, which requires a unique transaction number for every transaction that occurs. In addition, Unleashed requires that each transaction has a prefix and a start number to coincide with it. Prior to using the transactions in Unleashed, you can nominate the prefix and numbering sequence as desired. For example, a purchase order could have the prefix PO and the start number of 001. All prefixes are editable.

These codes will display at the front of all unique numbers generated by Unleashed for each transaction. Both Prefixes and Start Numbers can only be setup once to protect your data.

See Prefixes for further information.


We recommend using short codes, which relate to the transaction e.g PO for purchase order or SI for sales invoice.

This screenshot demonstrates what the Setup Prefix page looks like in Unleashed.

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