May 2, 2017    < 1 min read

We’re excited to announce Purchase Order Recosting is here, so you can include additional costs and update your margins after you receipt your goods into inventory!

This feature has been developed based on customer feedback, and is now available in Medium, Large and Large Plus Unleashed accounts.


No more waiting for that final transport invoice to come through before you receipt a purchase order and book in your goods:

  • Add purchasing costs to your order prior to receiving your goods, once you receive them, or after you’ve receipted them in
  • Once you receive your goods, receipt them into your stock on hand so they are ready for sale, and your margins will be accurately adjusted later, once you’ve added all the costs and completed the order
  • Apply accurate costs to your purchases so margins will be adjusted to reflect the true costs of doing business even after the goods have been receipted in and sold

To learn more about how easy it is now to cost your goods, visit our Purchase Order Recosting page here.


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