January 1, 2016      3 min read

We recently spoke to Omar Kassim, founder and CEO of electronics and IT products retailer, JadoPado. Established in 2011, they are a category-specific e-commerce player based out of Dubai. Omar describes JadoPado as an instant gratification e-commerce experience. “We wanted to come up with a format that was comparable to going to the mall,” he explains. One point of difference is that they hold everything they sell in stock and deliver within the UAE using their own fleet. A number of their orders, especially in Dubai, get delivered within a few hours.

Omar loves the strong, long-term opportunity JadoPado provides and enjoys getting out of bed every day to work towards it. “I’m a big technology buff and we’re selling products that we love. I think we’re doing a pretty decent job in terms of how we’re executing it,” he enthuses.

The Problem
JadoPado required a system that would manage everything from purchasing right through to goods leaving the warehouse. Ideally something that would integrate with Xero, their accounting system. They wanted a streamlined, centralised platform that everyone could access as required by their role. As a tech-focused company with a team of developers, they also needed an inventory solution with a strong API to integrate with their e-commerce platform.

The Solution
Omar chose to use Unleashed because of its integration capability with Xero and its API, which makes it easy to push and pull data where it’s needed. He reports, “When we started JadoPado, we used Unleashed from day one. Unleashed sits at the centre of our warehousing and inventory component. It’s essentially ‘bang’ right in there; everything from the entire procurement to inventory cycle, up to the point of goods leaving the warehouse.”

Easy Implementation and Helpful Support
From a set up perspective, Omar doesn’t recall any major issues, “We prefer to do things ourselves when possible and our internal team implemented Unleashed easily.” According to Omar the support has been proactive, “Whatever hiccups there have been along the way, your team has always resolved them very quickly.” He also finds setting up new users to be a very simple process, “You just need a machine with a browser on it, that’s it really!”

The Result
“Unleashed has gone through a really nice evolutionary process from the time we started using it; businesses can grow with the solution,” says Omar. Accessing the API, they have implemented a full integration with their website so that now when anything is received in Unleashed, it appears live on the website.

Unleashed sell price tiers are useful for reducing the admin on the backend as they influence pricing on the site. Omar is working on a few projects to further streamline processes, “We’re also working on things like obsoleting so when you hit the obsolete flag in Unleashed, it’ll discontinue the product on our end as well,” he adds.

Omar is really happy with the way things have gone, “I really like the backorder release that came out recently and have been looking at how we can use that. At the moment we don’t do any backorders; we only sell stuff that’s in stock. We want to see if we can evolve that and plug back into what Unleashed offers for backorders, which will be helpful from a cash flow perspective,” he says.

Sophisticated feature set
The feature level of Unleashed is a push towards a more Enterprise-level customer. “You’re seeing features that you would not expect to see: features from more upscale, on-premise solutions. Unleashed’s road map is strong and the product has evolved really nicely. It’s a useful tool to drive business operations,” Omar enthuses.

Final note
“I would absolutely recommend Unleashed. Figure out what you’ve got happening around Unleashed and then look at which points Unleashed can bind your operational elements together. I see it as a strong solution for anyone who’s looking to manage physical products whether they be an e-commerce environment or otherwise.”

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