Introduction to the Unleashed Sales Process

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What is a Quote?

A Sales Quote enables a potential buyer to see what the costs might be for the product or service that is delivered to them. In Unleashed, you can use Sales Quotes to start this sales process simply by setting up a quote and sending this to a customer for review. Unleashed provides you with four different quote statuses (Draft, Pending, Accept and Cancel) to ensure you can track your sales quotes effectively. From sending a quote to a customer, right through to the sales order, Sales Quotes are a complete and transparent solution for your quoting requirements.

What is Sales Order?

A Sales Order is an internal order document created by a business for a customer that authorizes the sale of specified items, issued after the receipt of a customer’s purchase order. A sales order can be for products, services or both. In business your challenges can be many and varied, so it makes sense that sales orders can be fulfilled in many ways. In Unleashed, the Sales Orders function provides you with flexible options, while you traverse through the sales process.

What is a Sales Invoice?

A Sales Invoice is an itemized list or statement that provides the customer a list of goods that they have received from the business that they purchased items from. In Unleashed, you (as a business owner) can use the Sales Invoice function to create, edit and send invoices to customers quickly and easily. This allows you to have the flexibility of customizing invoices to suit your purposes, and enhances the transparency of the sales process.

What is a Shipment?

A shipment is the action of shipping goods; which could be the items or goods in stock that need to get transported from one location to another. For example, this could be logs, wheels etc. any product, item or goods that need to be shipped.


The dotted lines indicate options you can perform that are not mandatory. This includes the API, import data and the ability to integrate with other provider options. You can also connect to an accounting provider (such as Xero or Intuit).

See Unleashed Sales Overview for more information.

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