January 1, 2016      3 min read

Keeping up with new technology at The Listening Post keeps up the excitement for Hamilton store manager Renae Orr. Established almost four decades ago to sell the finest hi-fi equipment available to New Zealanders, the store’s repertoire has expanded with the audio/visual industry. “Technology is constantly changing and it’s exciting to learn about new products and pass the information on to customers,” says Renae.

Specialising in custom hi-fi, home theatre and multi-room home audio/video installations, The Listening Post now offers a broad range of audio, visual and automation solutions for the residential, commercial, marine, servicing, live sound and education sectors. “We focus on the full experience for customers, from pre-purchase advice to installation and post-purchase support,” says Renae. “We provide a complete solution as opposed to sending the customer out the door with a box of product.”

The Problem
The emphasis on custom installation makes the tracking of products particularly important. So The Listening Post went on a search for an inventory system that would keep customers happy by keeping staff fully informed on products’ whereabouts.

“When I was looking at Unleashed Software, I found it was closely aligned with Xero accounting software which I already knew my way around,” explains Renae. “I didn’t have to learn much and the lessons Unleashed gave at the start were really awesome.”

But being the “everything person”, as Renae calls herself, probably made her too self-reliant. “I do inventory management, admin, payroll, HR and marketing, and I could’ve done the software implementation better if I’d asked for more advice,” admits Renae. “The Unleashed guys were always on hand to call and when I emailed they got straight back to me. I should’ve made more use of their help.”

The Solution
We’d tried a few other inventory management options but we’ve found that Unleashed is the most user-friendly by far. It’s good to have a programme that helps out more and does the work for you. The Listening Post is a close-knit, fun-loving working environment and our boss lives by the motto that if you have to be somewhere for eight hours a day, you may as well enjoy it.”

“Now Unleashed is used on a daily basis,” Renae continues, “for entry management and to see what products we’ve got that are actually available to sell to customers. If not, we can get orders under way. We often import from the United States, so the inventory minimum alert level function is really good. We know when we’ve got one or two items left, and when we need to order so there’s no delay for the customer.

The Result
“Convenience is the main benefit for us and the customers,” explains Renae, “like knowing what inventory is here or on its way or if we need to get anything. Unleashed makes the system a lot more streamlined. We don’t have customers waiting around for months for something to come in a shipment because we didn’t know it wasn’t in-store. It’s a lot more convenient and a lot easier for us to know where things are at all times.”

Renae has praise for both the software programme and its support staff: “They are both so user-friendly, and the Unleashed guys are really helpful whenever there’s an issue.”

We’d tried a few other inventory management options but we’ve found that Unleashed is the most user-friendly by far.

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